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Netwing APK for PUBG Mobile (Free Download) Latest Version

Netwing creates a private connection to the internet, keeping your data protected and hidden. It's like a secure, personal bridge that guarantees your online activities remain private and safe.

Name Netwing
Publisher Netwing
Size 99 MB
Version 1.4.85
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Keeping Your Internet Safe with Netwing

Netwing is a tool that lets you keep your internet connection safe. Just like a secret passage, it creates a private path from your Android device to the internet. This keeps your online activities hidden from prying eyes. So, when you’re using the internet on public Wi-Fi or need to keep things private, this app can be your online bodyguard. It’s like having a secret online handshake that only you and your trusted network know.

Netwing PUBG

Power Saver

A neat thing about Netwing APK is its power saver feature. When you’re not using your phone, or if the internet connection gets weak, Netwing works less. This means it doesn’t use as much of your phone’s battery. It’s smart like letting a car engine rest when you’re not driving. So, don’t worry about the app eating up your phone’s energy when you’re not even looking at it!

Safeguard Your Data

When Netwing VPN APK moves your data across the internet, it uses something called PolarSSL. This is super important because PolarSSL is like a bulletproof vest for your information. It makes sure that all the stuff you send and receive on your phone is kept away from hackers and bad people on the internet. So, sending an email or checking a bank account on your phone is like putting them in a safe before sending them through a sketchy neighborhood.

Modern Technology

Nowadays, phones use both types of internet addresses – think of them as home addresses but for devices – called IPV4 and IPV6. The cool thing is, Net Wing APK works with both kinds! This is great because it’s ready for the future, just like how electric cars are ready for when we don’t use gas anymore.

Netwing VPN APK

Android Keychain Integration

Netwing PUBG also works with something called Android Keychain. That means it can use passwords and other security things already saved on your phone. It’s kind of like using a key to open both your house and your car without needing two different keys – it makes everything easier and quicker.

Easy Import

Setting up Netwing is pretty easy! You can add all the information for a VPN by just putting in a file that ends with .ovpn. You can grab this file from an SD card, from your work if they have Netwing set up, or from a website link. Once you have this file, you’re pretty much good to go to start using the virtual private network. It’s just like putting together a model airplane – get all the parts in one place, follow the instructions, and then you can enjoy it!

Useful Tips for Netwing

  1. Import with Ease: Use Access Server to make importing easy! Just follow the setup link, and the app will do the rest.
  2. Battery Saving Mode: Want to save battery? Turn on Battery Saving Mode in settings, so Netwing uses less power on standby.
  3. Stay Updated: Keep updated through your app store for the best security and features.
  4. Use Android Keychain: Use the Android Keychain integration to keep your VPN login secure and simple.
  5. Check Connection Settings: If you have trouble connecting, double-check your .ovpn file or network details!

Net Wing APK

Good and Bad Sides


  • Safety: It keeps your online activity private, like a secret decoder ring for internet messages.
  • Battery Life: It doesn’t drain your battery when your screen’s off or if it can’t connect.
  • Current Tech: It works with IPV6, the new internet address system, like future-proofing your car for newer roads.
  • Simple Sign-In: You can use passwords from your Android Keychain, no need to remember lots of codes.


  • Setup Step: You do need to set it up by importing a .ovpn file or getting a link. It’s an extra step before you start.
  • Limited Without Service: Without a VPN service, it’s like having a remote control but no TV—need the VPN to make it work.

Great Alternatives

  1. NordVPN: It’s super user-friendly, like having an easy button for internet safety.
  2. ExpressVPN: Fast and simple, like riding a speedy scooter through online traffic.
  3. CyberGhost VPN: This one is about privacy and you can use it on lots of devices at once.
  4. IPVanish: Keeps no records of what you do online, like an awesome spy eraser.
  5. ProtonVPN: Best for privacy fans with top-notch safety features.

Netwing APK

Ending Thoughts

Grab your digital tool belt and add Netwing. It’s like having your very own safety bubble on the internet. With private surfing paths and cool features for phone energy saving and using modern tech like IPV6, this app is a smart choice.

So why wait? Download Netwing APK for Android today, bring your safety gear online, and start browsing in private. Remember to ask whoever gives you internet stuff for the .ovpn file or the special link to get things rolling!

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You are now ready to download Netwing for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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