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Life360 Mod APK (Family Locator & GPS Tracker App) for Android

Life360 is a mobile app that helps family and friends stay connected and safe. It lets you share your location with each other, helps in emergencies

Name Life360
Publisher Life360
Size 73 MB
Version 23.51.0
MOD Info Family Locator & GPS Tracker App
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MOD Info
  • Family Locator & GPS Tracker App
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What is Life360 App?

Life360 Mod APK Family Locator & GPS Tracker is an app that keeps your family and friends safe. It lets you share where you are with people you care about. Over 50 million people use this app worldwide. This app helps keep track of where everyone is in real-time. It also has features for when you are in a car accident, if you need help on the road, and to protect your personal information.

You can see where your kids are without always having to check the app, through notifications when they leave or come back home. The app also helps in emergencies or car problems. Now, it works with Tile trackers, so you can find things like keys or phones easily.

Life360 can be downloaded for free. Some features cost money, but they offer more safety, like help for stolen identity and support after natural disasters. There are different plans–Platinum, Gold, or Silver–each with more services. You can try the app free for 7 days.

The app is not just a simple GPS tracker. It’s a way to make sure our loved ones and things we don’t want to lose are always within reach.

Life360 Mod APK Family Locator & GPS Tracker

Feature Spotlight: Location Sharing and Safety Alerts

A key part of Life360 Premium APK is that members can see each other’s locations. Let’s say you want to know your children are at school or home safely. The app lets you see this on your phone in real time. You get messages when someone leaves or reaches important places like home or school.

But it’s not all about location. The app can tell if you’re in a car crash and will send help right away (if you have the right plan). It sends alerts if bad accidents happen so help comes fast.

Adding Peace of Mind: Roadside Assistance and Protection

Life360 Tracking App for Android also offers roadside help when your car breaks down, flat tires, or when you’re out of gas. There’s someone to call for aid anytime with the right plan.

Another great thing about Life360 is identity theft protection. It warns you if someone might be stealing personal information online. This keeps your personal details safer.

These features save time and take away worry because the app does much more than follow your movements.

Life360 Home Assistant

Unified Experience: Life360 and Tile Integration

Linking up Life360 Home Assistant with Tile Bluetooth trackers means tracking items like wallets or phones easily on the app’s map. If you lose something important, you just check the the app map to find it quickly.

Tile trackers are small devices you attach to items that you don’t want to lose, like keys or bags. With Life360, keeping an eye on these things becomes simpler because everything shows up the same way in the app.

Using both together makes it easier to protect both your family and things wrapped into one simple experience.

How to Make the Most of Life360

  1. Create Safe Places: Set up alerts for when family members arrive at or leave locations like home, school, or work.
  2. Drive Safer: If you drive, use Life360’s crash detection. It will ask for help if a crash happens.
  3. Keep Batteries Charged: Make sure phones are charged so tracking doesn’t stop because of dead batteries.
  4. Privacy Balance: Talk with your family about when to check locations, so everyone feels comfortable.
  5. Update Regularly: Keep the app updated to have the latest safety features and fixes.

Life360 Tracking App for Android

Life360 App Reviews

What’s Good:

  • Always Know Where Family Is: This app keeps family members connected through location sharing.
  • Feel Safe: It has features that make you feel safe, like crash detection and emergency response.
  • Help On the Road: If your car has trouble, roadside assistance is there for you.
  • Protect Your Information: The app helps protect you from identity theft.
  • Track Valuables: With Tile integration, finding lost items is easier.

Why Life360 is Bad:

  • Battery Use: Running GPS in the background can use a lot of battery power.
  • Privacy Concerns: Family members might feel watched too much.
  • Cost for Extras: Some safety features are not free and require a paid plan.
  • Alerts Overload: Getting too many alerts from the app might annoy some people.
  • Data usage: The app could use a lot of data. This might cost extra if you don’t have unlimited data on your phone.


If you want to try something different from Life360, there are other apps that let you share where you are with family and friends. Some of these include “Find My Friends” for iPhone users, “Google Family Link,” and “Foursquare Swarm.” They also offer location sharing but might have different features.

Life360 Premium APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Life360 free?
Yes, there’s a free version with some basic features like location sharing and crash detection.

Can the app track you when your phone is off?
No, it needs your phone to be on and have a connection to work.

How accurate is the location tracking?
It’s quite accurate but can sometimes be off by a few meters depending on things like bad signal or GPS issues.

Does the app work in all countries?
It works in many places, but not everywhere. Check if it’s available where you live.

Can someone tell if I check their location on the app?
No, the app doesn’t tell people when you look at their location.

Wrapping Up

Life360 is a full app designed to care for your family’s safety. With features that cover daily whereabouts, emergency incidents, and keeping an eye on personal items, it suits families looking for a simple solution to stay connected.

It does have its downsides, like privacy concerns and additional costs for premium features. Yet for many, the positives of peace of mind and added security are worth it.

Free Download Life360 Mod APK (Family Locator & GPS Tracker App) for Android

Download the app today. It could bring more safety and less worry into your life. This way, you always know that the people and things you care about are okay.

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You are now ready to download Life360 for free. Here are some notes:

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  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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