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Kame Paradise 3 APK is a fast and exciting fighting game where you pick three Dragon Ball characters to fight as a team.

Name Kame Paradise 3
Publisher YamamotoDoujinshi
Size 462 MB
Version 3.4
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Epic Battles in Kame Paradise 3

Kame Paradise 3 APK Android is a fun and fast fight game where you play in teams of three. You can choose your favorite characters from the famous Dragon Ball stories to fight together. The game looks very nice, almost like watching the Dragon Ball cartoons on TV. People can play it by themselves against a computer or with another player. When you fight, you can do lots of different moves and even ask your team members to help. The last team with fighters still standing wins. Music and voices in the game sound just like the show, which makes it more exciting.

Kame Paradise 3 APK Android

Team-up and Assist Feature

In Kame Paradise 3 APK for Android, one great thing is how you can pick three characters to be on your team. This way, if one gets tired or hurt, you can swap them with another member. Your team can even tag in for special “Assist” moves to help beat the other team. This lets you make smart plans and combine powers for big attacks. Having a team means more chances to win and being able to try different ways of fighting.

Special Moves and Power Gauge

Each fighter in Kame Paralysis 3 APK Android has their own special moves that only they can do. But also, there are “universal” moves anyone can use which makes things fair. For example, with enough power stored up, known as Ki, you can do a “Vanish Attack”, teleporting behind an enemy to hit them by surprise. There are also neat moves like “Dragon Rush” which breaks defenses or “Super Dash” to chase down an opponent wherever they go. Players can charge up their Ki anytime they want bigger power for their next move.

Kame Paradise 3 APK for Android

Collecting Dragon Balls and Wishes

While fighting, you also get Dragon Balls, just like in the Dragon Ball stories. If you fight well, like doing combos that hit many times, you get these magic balls. When all seven are collected, a dragon named Shenron comes out to grant a wish! You could make one of your fighters stronger for that fight, bring back a fallen teammate, fill up someone’s health or make your whole team slowly heal as the battle goes on. It’s a fun surprise that makes fights more exciting and helps turn things around if you’re losing.

Best Tips and Tricks

  1. Practice Basic Combos: Start by learning simple combo moves. This helps you fight better without getting confused with too many buttons.
  2. Know Your Characters: Each fighter has their own style and powers. Learn what your favorite characters can do so you can use their moves at the best times.
  3. Master Blocking: Blocking stops you from taking hits. Being good at blocking can save your fighter from losing too much health.
  4. Use Assists Wisely: Call teammates for help only when it will make your moves stronger or save you from trouble. This makes assists very helpful.
  5. Plan Your Wishes: If you get all seven Dragon Balls and call Shenron, think about what wish will help most. Maybe you need to heal or bring back a teammate.

Kame Paralysis 3 APK Android

Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful Art: Kami Paradise 3 APK looks just like the cartoon with pretty pictures and animations.
  • Many Choices: You can choose from lots of different Dragon Ball characters to play as.
  • Fun Special Powers: The fighters have cool special moves you can do with Ki energy.
  • Good Team Play: Playing with a team means more fun and different ways to win.


  • Tricky Online Play: Sometimes playing on the internet against others doesn’t work very well.
  • A Lot to Learn: New players may find it hard because there are so many moves to remember.
  • Big Roster: While having many fighters is mostly good, it can be hard to learn how to fight against each one.
  • Limited Single-Player: If you play by yourself, there’s not as many fun things to do compared to playing with others.


  1. Street Fighter V: This is a classic fight game with its own set of unique fighters.
  2. Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Is a fighting game where you control two fighters.
  3. Mortal Kombat 11: Known for its action and very strong attacks. It’s more for grown-ups.
  4. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: A fun game where many different characters can fight each other.

Kami Paradise 3 APK


Kame Paradise 3 APK is an exciting game that makes you feel like you’re part of the Dragon Ball world. With beautiful cartoon-style art, cool fighting moves, and the chance to play as your favorite characters, it’s loads of fun. While it can be difficult at first and playing online isn’t always easy, the experience is still great.

Whether you’re already a fan of fighting games or just love the Dragon Ball series, give this game a try! You can easily download it and start throwing power-filled punches within minutes. Download Kame Paradise 3 APK for Android and jump into the action!

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