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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 APK (Offline) for Android

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is a fighting game where you control two fighters. It's for playing on Android now. You fight against another pair of fighters until one side wins.

Name Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Publisher Namco Bandai Games
Size 189 MB
Version 8.6
MOD Info Offline
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  • Offline
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Why should I play Tekken Tag Tournament 2?

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 lets you fight with a friend or by yourself in fun matches. It doesn’t take much space, only 65 MB, so it fits on your phone easily. You put the game in a folder, click the MAME file, and start playing. You pick from famous Tekken fighters like Jin or Xiaoyu.

Play alone or with someone else against the game or each other. This Tekken might not look the best but it is very enjoyable. If you liked Tekken before, you will know how to play. Fight any place, anytime on your phone. A good thing for fans of the series or new players looking for a fun fight game.

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Key Features

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 stands out with these five big features.

Team Fights: You get two fighters against two others. If one fighter loses all their life, you lose. You must be careful when to switch your fighters.

Recover Life: When not fighting, your fighter gets some life back. This helps your team last longer in the battle.

Big Character Choice: This game has over 35 fighters from past Tekken games. There’s a boss called Unknown who fights like any fighter chosen at random.

Special Modes: Play in different ways with modes like 1-on-1 or Team Battle. There’s also “Tekken Bowl”, a fun bowling game with your fighters.

Graphics and Sound: It looks like Tekken 3, an older but loved game. Even with simpler graphics , the game has many fans.

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Best Tips for Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Learning to play Tekken Tag Tournament 2 well means practicing these tips:

Know Your Fighters: Every character has their own way of fighting. Learn what moves are best for your fighters.

Tag Smart: Change fighters at the right time. Swap when they need health or when you catch your enemy off guard.

Use Combos: Practice linking moves to make combos. Combos can turn a fight your way quickly.

Protect Yourself: Don’t just attack. Block enemy moves and wait for a chance to strike back.

Focus on Fun: Even if you lose sometimes, have fun. Playing should make you happy.

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Pros and Cons


  • Play on the go: Take fights with you on your Android device.
  • Many characters: Choose from a big list of fighters.
  • Different ways to play: Besides fighting, try out Tekken Bowl and other fun modes.
  • Team strategies: Make plans for when to switch fighters.
  • Get better while resting: Fighters not fighting slowly get life back.


  • Not the best graphics: Looks older, like Tekken 3.
  • Switching controls: May be hard for new players at first.
  • Limited updates: Being an older game, might not have new content.
  • Memory usage: Requires more space and power than some small phones have.

Alternatives for Tekken Tag Tournament 2

If Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is not what you want, other fight games are there. Try “Mortal Kombat” or “Street Fighter” for classic fighting. “Jujutsu Kaisen Mugen” a fight game. You can pick from many cool anime people to brawl with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for free?
Yes, if you find it as an app, you can usually enjoy it without paying.

Do I need the internet to play?
No, you can enjoy the game alone without being online. But if you want to fight friends, then you’ll need to be online.

Can it work on all Android devices?
It should run if you have an Android that can handle games well. Old or less powerful phones may have trouble.

Are the fighters from older Tekken games in this one?
Yes, this game has more than 35 fighters from Tekken history for you to pick.

How many modes are in this game?
Besides normal fights, there’s 1-on-1, Team Battle, and even a bowling game with Tekken Bowl.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 brings classic fighting to your phone. With easy to understand controls and exciting gameplay, it’s a good way to have fun with a fight game. Whether you are new or a fan from before, this version gives you Tekken anywhere.

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Download Tekken Tag Tournament 2 now on your phone to start the fun of quick-paced team fights! Enjoy battles and some classic Tekken action right at your fingertips.

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You are now ready to download Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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