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Geometry Dash 2.2.13 Full Version APK No Mod (Original) for Android

Geometry Dash 2.2.13 Original is a game where you jump over obstacles to beats of music. You can also create levels.

Name Geometry Dash
Publisher RobTop Games
Size 85 MB
Version 2.2.13
MOD Info No Mod, Full Version
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Exploring Geometry Dash: A Fast-Paced Rhythmic Adventure

Geometry Dash 2.2.13 APK Original (Full Version) is a fun game where you control a moving shape. This shape can be a square, a ship, or other forms. You have to jump, fly, and avoid things that can stop you. The game moves quickly, and it has bright colors and shapes like squares and triangles. The music in the game is exciting and helps you know when to jump or fly.

The game’s goal is to finish each level by getting past hard spots without hitting anything. It’s very fast and you need good timing. As you play more, you can change how your shape looks by picking different colors and designs.

Geometry Dash has many levels to try. The game might seem hard at first, but if you keep trying, you’ll get better. Before playing for real, there’s a special practice way to learn without losing.

Geometry Dash 2.2.13 APK Full Version

Jumping to the Beat: Key Gameplay Mechanics

In GD 2.2.13 APK Original, you tap the screen or press keys on your computer to make your shape jump or fly. The game gets harder as you move forward. You’re always moving and must decide when to jump high, jump again in the air, or stay down low.

If you make a mistake and hit something, you must start from the beginning of the level. But don’t worry! When you play over and over again, you learn how to pass the hard parts.

The fun part of Geometry Dash is matching your jumps with the music’s rhythm. If you listen closely to the beat, it will help you know when to make your moves.

Creating Your World: Customization and Community Sharing

One great thing about Geometry Dash 2.2.13 Full Version APK No Mod is making your levels with a special editor. After making a level, you can share it for others to play. Making levels can be very creative because you choose where to put jumps and what dangers there will be.

People who play your level can say if they liked it and how hard it was for them. You can also try levels made by other players from all around the world. Some players make very difficult levels that are exciting to try and beat.

By sharing levels and ideas, playing Geometry Dash feels like being part of a big team where everyone helps each other get better.

GD 2.2.13 APK

Navigating Through Music and Danger: Advanced Features

As Geometry Dash 2.2.13 Free APK Original gets more challenging, new things appear that change how you play. For example, there are parts where your shape turns upside down or goes really fast all of a sudden. You have to be ready for these unexpected changes to keep going without crashing.

There are also special ‘portals’ that transform how your shape moves or how fast it goes through the level — these can help but they can also make things trickier!

Best Tips and Tricks for Geometry Dash Success

  1. Start with Practice Mode: Before you play a level for real, use practice mode. In this way, you can try different parts many times. This helps you learn the best timing.
  2. Stay Calm: The game can be very fast and tricky, which might make you feel stressed. Try to stay calm. If you get upset, take a break and come back when you feel better.
  3. Learn from Mistakes: When you don’t pass a part of a level, try to understand why. Each time you play again, you can do better than the last time.
  4. Listen to the Music: The beats and rhythm of the music are like hints for when to jump or fall. So, listen closely to the music as it can guide you.
  5. Watch Others Play: Sometimes you can learn good moves by watching other people play the game. Look for videos online where players show how to beat levels.

Geometry Dash 2.2.13 Full Version APK

Pros and Cons


  • Exciting Music: The tunes are fun and helpful to follow while playing.
  • Get Better with Practice: The more you play, the better you get at the game.
  • Kid-Friendly: People of all ages can play this game.
  • Make Your Levels: You can be creative and build your challenges.
  • Play with Others: Share levels and tips with a big group of players.


  • Can Be Tough: Some parts are very hard, which might not be fun for everyone.
  • Controls Not Perfect: Sometimes when you press to jump, it may not work right away.

Other Games Like Geometry Dash

If you like playing this game, there are other games that are also fun. Some of these games are The Impossible Game, Minecraft, and Osu!. In these games, you can build things, enjoy music, and test your skills. There are also free versions of the game like Geometry Dash Lite and Geometry Dash Subzero.

Geometry Dash 2.2.13 Free APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I play the game for free?
A: Yes, this game is free.

Q: Is the game suitable for children?
A: Yes, it is safe for kids. It doesn’t have bad content.

Q: Can I play the game on my phone?
A: Yes, you can play it on devices with iOS and Android systems.

Q: Does the game have an ending?
A: The game has many levels to beat, but players keep making new ones. So there’s always something new to try.


Geometry Dash Original Latest Version is a lively and interesting game. It mixes music with playing in a way that can be hard but also very fun. With each try, you learn and get better, and soon you find out you can do more than you first thought.

If you keep trying, even the hard parts become easier. The game’s bright look and the friendly group of players make it a happy place to spend time.

Free Download Geometry Dash Full Version 2.2.13 APK No Mod (Original)

Are you looking to have a great time playing a cool game? Download the game! With its many levels and songs, it will give you hours of excitement.

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