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Geometry Dash Subzero Full Version APK 2.2.13 (GDPS Editor) for Android

Geometry Dash Subzero 2.2.13 is a fun game where you jump and fly through danger. It's like other Geometry Dash games but with cool music and neon colors. It's hard and has three levels you can play any time.

Name Geometry Dash Subzero
Publisher RobTop Games
Size 56 MB
Version 2.2.13
MOD Info GDPS Editor
MOD Info
  • GDPS Editor
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Key Features

Music That Makes You Move

In Geometry Dash Subzero, music is very important. It helps you know when to jump and not to jump. The game has cool songs in dance and electronic styles from MDK, Bossfight, and Boom Kitty. You will like the sounds a lot. They make the game fun and exciting.

Only One Button

You play this game by touching one button. This can be your finger on a phone, a click of your mouse, or a press on a keyboard. It’s simple but not easy. You need good timing to get past the hard parts. Just one button, but lots of fun and challenge.

Geometry Dash Subzero Full Version APK 2023

Three Big Challenges

There are three levels and each one is different. The first is not too hard but helps you learn. The second one gets harder, and you must be fast and pay attention. The last level is the fastest and toughest. Only players with good skills can finish it.

Look Cool While You Play

As you play, you can get new looks for your cube and choose new shapes. You can also win special signs that are for this game only. It is fun to change how your cube looks. It also feels good to make your cube look just how you want.

Practice Makes Perfect

This game has a mode where you can practice. It’s different because most games like this don’t have that. This helps you get better without going back to the start every time. In practice mode, you start where you died last time. So keep trying and get better to beat the real levels.

Geometry Dash Subzero 2.2 APK Full Version

Best Tips for Geometry Dash Subzero

Listen to the music while you play. It tells you what will happen in the game. The beat helps you know when danger is coming. Learn the songs to do better. Remember where the tricky parts are. You can bounce on things to go faster. And keep playing to get new shapes and cool rides like ships and rockets.

Remember, the music stops if you hit something. If you hear the song going on, you are still in the game. Try to get the keys and unlock new things. It’s more fun than just jumping all the time.

Take your time in the practice mode. This is where you learn how to move without losing. If you play this mode a lot, you will get good. It makes the real game easier. And don’t give up if you lose a lot. The game is hard, but you can do it with practice.

You can play better by just relaxing and going with the rhythm. Play again and again. The more you play, the better you get. It’s okay to lose. Each time, you learn how to move past the hard parts.

Lastly, try to calm your mind. A calm player does better. Don’t rush. And enjoy your time with the game. It’s meant to be fun!

Geometry Dash Subzero Full Version 2.2 APK free download

Pros and Cons


  • Simple controls: One button to play makes it easy to start but hard to master.
  • Great music: Cool tunes help you get into the game and move at the right times.
  • Looks good: Bright neon colors and fun designs make this game very nice to look at.
  • Free levels: All three levels are ready to play right away – no waiting or paying.
  • Practice mode: This lets you try over and over to get better without going back to the very start every time.


  • Really hard: Some might find the game too tough and get mad or quit.
  • Just three levels: There’s not a lot of levels, so some might want more.
  • No change in gameplay: It’s always the same kind of play, which might get boring for some players.

Alternatives for Geometry Dash Subzero

If you want a break from Geometry Dash Subzero, try these games:

The Impossible Game: It’s also a tough game where you jump over dangers.

Super Meat Boy: A fast, hard game where you save your friend in a world full of traps.

Geometry Dash Editor Subzero APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the game free to download?
Yes, you can get the game with no cost.

Can I play on my phone?
Yes, the game works on phones and tablets.

Do I need the internet to play?
No, you can play offline after you download it.

Is it good for kids?
Yes, but it can be hard, so they might need help.

How do I get better?

Try a lot and use the practice mode to learn the game.


Geometry Dash Subzero is fun, challenging, and has great music. It’s simple but not too easy. Three levels may not seem like a lot, but they are enough to make you want to keep playing. Good timing and sharp eyes will take you far in this game.

Free Download Geometry Dash Subzero Full Version APK 2.2.13 (GDPS Editor)

Get your game and start the fun running, jumping, and flying in this cool, neon world!

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