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FNaF Dormitabis is a fan game inspired by Five Nights at Freddy's. It is a horror game where you face scary characters in a mysterious place, trying to complete a very important mission linked to saving spirits.

Name FNaF Dormitabis
Publisher Nicchi
Size 50 MB
Version 1.0.2
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Why should I play FNaF Dormitabis?

FNaF Dormitabis stands out for its depth in storytelling and challenge. If you enjoy good scares in games, the game might be perfect for you. While you play, you discover a story about saving spirits, which makes your game important. Every night has new tests with various scary figures. This makes the game fun and always different, so you need to stay alert and face the danger each night.

Despite its roots in the original FNaF world, FNaF Dormitabis expands the experience with longer gameplay. A smooth, successful play might last over an hour, but if you struggle and face defeat often, it may take much longer to beat. Looking for secrets in the game helps the story grow and makes the playtime longer. It’s a big game with lots of secrets, more than the first games.

FNaF Dormitabis APK

Key Features

Character Challenges: Each night, a different selection of scary characters faces the player. This change-up means you cannot rely on one strategy throughout the game. You must always learn and adapt.

Immersive Storyline: Waking up after a fire, you realize you’re alive, with a big task ahead: saving spirits. But this mission is shadowed by suspense, as not all the dead want help. The game leads you on a deeper, personal adventure.

Article Hidden Secrets: FNaF Dormitabis has secret items and tasks tucked away that players can discover. These are not easy to find, which means players will spend extra time mastering the game and unveiling all it offers. These secrets keep gamers looking and engaged because they want to find every piece of the story.

High Replay Value: With varied character combinations and secretive tasks needing multiple plays to find, many will come back to play again. You may succeed in surviving the nights, before, but can you find all the secrets the game hides? The challenge calls to players to try and try again until they unlock every bit of the story revealed through persistence.

FNaF Dormitabis Remastered APK

Best Tips for FNaF Dormitabis

When you play the game, follow these simple tips to stay alive and beat the game.

  1. Always watch and learn from the characters. Every night, they act differently. Pay attention to what they do as each night comes, which can help you guess what they might do next.
  2. Use your time well. You must move fast, but also be careful. Make each action count. If you rush without thinking, you might lose. Take your time to make good steps.
  3. Remember to look for secrets. The game hides secrets everywhere. Check corners and all spots for hidden things. It might take time, but it helps you in the end.
  4. Keep coming back. If you fail, do not give up. Instead, learn from what went wrong. Try again, and you may do better the next time.
  5. Practice makes perfect. You need good skills to survive all five nights. Play each night many times to get better. As you practice, you will find ways to avoid problems and survive until the end.

FNaF Dormitabis Remastered Android

Pros and Cons


  • New Challenges Often: With many characters and secrets, the game stays interesting. You see different dangers each night. This makes it fun to keep playing.
  • Long Game Time: A single game can be very long, giving you lots of scares for your time. If you look for every hidden part, it can take even longer.
  • Saving Spirits: The story is deep and moving. It’s exciting to wake up after a fire and go on a big mission to save spirits.
  • Learn and Adapt: As characters swap each night, you must change how you play. This makes you think and improve.
  • Many Secrets: There are plenty of hidden things to find. Looking for these can be very fun and makes you want to keep playing until you find them all.


  • Might Be Too Hard: Some players may find the game too hard. If you get scared or frustrated easily, it might be tough to keep going.
  • Can Get Confusing: With so many characters and secrets, you can get lost or not know what to do next. This might not feel good for some.
  • Takes A Lot of Time: If you don’t have much time, a long game like this could be an issue. Some might not want to spend hours on a game.
  • Can Be Scary: The game is meant to scare, and it does it well. But if you don’t like being scared, this might not be fun for you.
  • Similar to Original: While it adds new things, it’s still much like the original FNaF series. If you’re looking for something completely different, this might not be it.

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Alternatives for FNaF Dormitabis

If FNaF Dormitabis is not what you’re looking for, you might like these other games. “Five Nights at Freddy’s” is the first, with shorter games and same fear. For a different feel, try “Boogeyman” with more hide and seek style. “CASE: Animatronics” also offers robot scares but with free move around the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes FNaF Dormitabis special from original FNaF?
Its longer play time and story about saving spirits. You face different characters every night, too, which keeps it fresh and hard.

Is it scary to play?
Yes, the game is meant to scare, with a lot of sudden shocks. If you get afraid from games easy, this might be too much.

Is FNaF Dormitabis good for kids?
It is quite scary, so it might not suit young children well. Parents should check first if it is okay for their kids depending on how they handle fear.


In FNaF Dormitabis, each night is full of frights and challenges, making it a unique game. If you have courage and want a long, intense experience, try it. The game takes you on a journey of scares blending story and gameplay neatly. Although tough, it can be very rewarding to beat.

Free Download FNaF Dormitabis Remastered APK for Android

Ready for a long night of scares? If you love getting shocked and using your mind under pressure, download the game now. Can you survive the nights and save the souls?

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