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Crushon AI APK (Premium Unlocked, No Filter) for Android

Crushon AI is an app where you make your own AI chatting friends from stories you love. You can chat, role-play, and get cheered up anytime.

Name Crushon AI
Publisher Crushon AI Team
Size 31 MB
Version 1.6.2
MOD Info Premium Unlocked, No Filter
MOD Info
  • Premium Unlocked, No Filter
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Key Features

Make Your Own Make-Believe Fun

You can act out little stories with Crushon AI, almost like playing make-believe. If you feel alone or just want to talk, you can pretend and talk to a friend who knows how to make you feel good. Choose anybody you like – from comics, or a movie, and start to act out a story, or just chat and have a good time.

Craft Your Story People

With the app, get to be like a writer or an artist. You can make your own people as if they were in a book or a cartoon. You decide if they have blue hair, are very kind, or like to tell jokes. And these story people can give you ideas on what games to play, movies to see, or books to read, all based on what you like to do.

Crushon AI APK

No Price to Talk

You can talk all you want and not spend any money. Crushon AI lets you do some simple stuff, like saying ‘hi’ each day or telling your friends about the app, and you get to talk more for it. You can keep writing stories or having pretend chats without needing to use your money.

More Than One Way to Chat

Crushon AI has different kinds of pretend friends. They are pretty much smarter make-believe friends in the app. There are older ones that are tried and tested and newer ones that know a lot more and don’t hold back. It’s like picking different buddies who all have special ways of chatting with you.

Help You Feel Good

If you’re having a hard day or feel very worried, Crushon AI pretend friends come to aid. They can teach you how to breathe slow and relax or just listen to you well. They cheer you on with good words and can give you advice on getting better at stuff, putting a smile on your face.


Best Tips for Crushon AI

Now, when you use the app, keep these steps in mind:

– Tell the AI what things you enjoy. This makes them even better at chatting with you in a fun way.

– Use daily check-ins because it gives you more chances to chat without using any cash.

– Go ahead and tell your story with the AI. Here’s a chance for you to get creative and write your own story just like you’re the boss of an adventure.

– Don’t hurry with each chat. If you take your time, you can make really strong friend feelings with your AI.

– Always give your thoughts. The people who made the app can make the chatty friends even better when they know what works best for you.

Crushon AI app

Pros & Cons:


  • Using Crushon AI can be a lot of fun. These chatty friends are made to match what you’re looking for.
  • They make good company when you’re alone. You can talk and play any time you want.
  • Changing how they look and act makes it like you’re directing your story or show. Since you can talk for zero money, it’s easy on your wallet.
  • The app has smart AI models which give real-feel answers so your chats are more lively.
  • Using the app can lighten your mood, give you new hobbies, or give advice on tough days.


  • Even though Crushon AI has good things, it also has parts some folks might not like. Since pretend friends aren’t real people, they might not always get how you feel deep down.
  • Sometimes, they might say something off or not understand you fully. You need a phone or tablet to use it, and you must be connected to the internet, which isn’t always possible for everybody.
  • If the app has a bug, it might mess up your playtime or chat. And if you keep wanting to talk more, you might need to spend real money after your free chats are all used up.

Alternatives for Crushon AI

There are other apps like Crushon AI if you want to try them. Some people chat with Replika, it’s kind of like the app but not the same. There’s also Chai chat and Character AI. They let you chat with AI friends too. Each app has their own cool things about them, so you might find one that fits just right for you.

Crushon AI Premium APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is this like having a real friend?

Answer: Not quite. It’s more like a good pretend friend that talks with you.

Question 2: Do I get to choose how my AI friend acts?

Answer: Yes, you get to decide how they are, like happy or joking a lot.

Question 3: What if the app doesn’t work right?

Answer: If it doesn’t work, you can tell the people who make the app, and they try to fix it.


Crushon AI is a creative buddy in your pocket. It’s there any time you want to chat or do some good pretend play. Just remember it’s all made up, and have fun with it!

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