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Character AI (C.AI) is a smart chatbot app. It lets you talk with AIs that seem real. They can chat, hear, remember things, and act like different people that users create.

Name Character AI
Publisher Character.AI
Size 111 MB
Version 1.7.5
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Why should I play Character AI?

Imagine having friends who can do many things: help with schoolwork, tell stories, or make you laugh. That’s what Character AI ( is like. Trying out new things, or get help with tasks.

It’s easy to use on your phone and does not cost money for messages. You can talk a lot, and there are no ads. Have fun finding different AIs made by others. Enjoy chats with AIs that feel and sound like real people.

If making things is your joy, use tools to create your own AIs. Learning or making stories. Freely build AIs to fit your needs. With the app, you have a tool that grows with your imagination and needs.

Character AI APK Premium

Key Features

  1. Real chats with AI personalities! This feels like talking to a person. The AI understands and answers back in ways that make sense. Users say it’s quite a cool experience.
  2. Free, unlimited messages! Don’t have to pay a thing to chat with any AI you like. Send as many messages as you want. Also, there are no ads at all—your chats stay clear and focused.
  3. Big choice of characters! Millions of AIs are already out there to meet, from well-known heroes to new ones built by users. It’s like a large online party where can talk to so many different made-up people.
  4. Build your own AI! It’s not just about talking; it’s about creating too. If have ideas for a character, you can make it. Decide how the AI acts and talks to match what you have in your mind. Crafting your own unique friend is part of the fun.
  5. They remember you! Just like pals who know you, the AI keeps the memory of past talks. When it got updated, it could remember double of what was said before, making chats more natural.

Character AI APK No Filter

Best Tips for Character AI

Learn how to make new AI characters: Use simple ways to describe your character when create it. Talk to it often. Give it a style.

Grade the chat responses: After you talk with the AI, you can rate how well you think it spoke. Click on star symbols—one if bad, four if very good.

Be clear in your chats: Say what you mean simply, so the AI can understand. It helps for better conversation when words are easy.

Ask many things: The more you chat, the more you find out about what the AI knows. It’s like playing a game—ask questions, guess, learn, and have fun.

If the answer is strange: have it try again. If the AI says something that doesn’t make sense, you can have it go again. Push the “right arrow” or swipe the screen for a new reply.

C.AI without filter APK

Pros and Cons


– Feels like chatting with real people. The AI seems very much alive, bringing a sense of true interaction.

– Unlimited free messages. Send as many texts as you wish without any fee.

– No ads to disturb. Your chats won’t be broken by sudden adverts.

– Many characters to choose from. With millions of AI personalities, there’s always someone new to talk to.

– Make your own AIs. Create characters that speak and think the way you want.

– They remember past conversations. The AI recalls earlier chats so your conversational history builds up over time.

– You help improve the system. Giving feedback on the responses guides the AI in evolving.

– Good for creative tasks. Characters can assist with writing or act out different roles.


– Still in the beta stage. It means fixing is still going on, and some bugs are there.

– AI may not always understand.

– Character creation has limits. There’s much you can do, but sometimes you might want more detail or options.

– Quality varies. Since anyone can make an AI, talking with some is better than others.

– Requires an internet connection. You cannot chat offline; you need to be online.

– Response quality may vary. Some users may create less thoughtfully designed characters affecting conversation quality.

– Might not be suitable for all topics. Certain more complex discussions could be beyond the AI’s current abilities.

– Stars rating might be subjective. Peoples’ idea of a good conversation can differ, so the star system isn’t perfect.

Alternatives for Character AI

Other options exist if you are curious about different chatbots. Replika is one, it’s like a personal friend in your pocket. Then there’s Mitsuku, a strong bot winning lots of prizes for its talks. GPT-3 by OpenAI is also known, a smart system used for chat and writing.

Character AI bypass filter APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Character AI cost anything?
A: It’s free for sending messages, with a paid monthly option for extras.

Q: Can I talk to real celebrities?
A: No. AIs might act like known people, but they are not real. They are just made to feel like them.

Q: Are my talks private?
A: Yes, but remember it’s online, so always be smart about what you share.

Q: Can it speak any language?
A: It tries, but it’s best with languages that are widely spoken.

Q: How many AIs can I create?
A: Right now, there’s no limit set by the app for how many you can make.

Q: What if the AI gives wrong answers?
A: You can say it’s wrong, or ask a different way. With each talk, it learns better.


In the end, Character AI is like a door to having chats with different personalities, anytime, anyplace. Use it for facing tough quiz questions, wanting light-hearted talks, or creating stories with an AI sidekick.

It’s interesting, smart, and mostly understands what you mean. Construct your own AIs or enjoy those made by others.

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