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zAnti is an app that checks Wi-Fi security and finds weak spots. It's good for keeping networks and devices safe from attacks.

Name zAnti
Publisher Zimperium
Size 5 MB
Version 3.20
MOD Info No Root
MOD Info
  • No Root
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zAnti: Your Mobile Defense Toolkit for Wi-Fi Security Analysis

zAnti is a mobile app that checks WiFi networks for security issues. It helps find out if anyone who shouldn’t be using the WiFi is connected and looks for weak spots in the network. The app does this by acting like the kind of attacks bad people do on phones. For the app to work best, the phone should be rooted, which means it has special permissions to run powerful tools.

zAnti Wifi APK

Protect Your Network

The first cool thing about zAnti Mod APK is it scans networks. It can do lots of scans to see who’s connected and where there might be openings for attacks. Finding these weak spots is important, so we know what to fix. By scanning different ways, from quick looks to deep checks, this app shows what’s happening with your network’s security.

Diagnose and Prevent Attacks

Another key part of zAnti Premium APK is its MITM and metasploit tests. MITM stands for Man In The Middle, which is a way attackers can sneak into conversations between your device and the network. Metasploit is a tool to test security. This feature lets you check how safe you are against these tricks and helps figure out what parts of the network are not strong enough.

Check Device Weaknesses

With zAnti Pro APK, you can also find out if devices connected to the network are safe or not. It’s not just about the WiFi itself, but also about making sure that each phone or computer using it doesn’t have easy spots for hackers to break in. This means you get a complete picture of network safety and can help fix issues on people’s devices too.

Share Reports Easily

Once zAnti Wifi APK finds issues, it lets you take those findings and share them with something called zConsole. This is a service for developers or network bosses to see where the problems are. They can use these reports to make plans to block hackers and make their systems stronger. It’s a simple way to move from finding problems to actually solving them.

zAnti Pro APK

Best Tips and Tricks to Have the Best Experience

  1. Root Your Device: To use all parts of zAnti, you might need to root your Android device.
  2. Regular Checks: Do regular scans with the app to keep an eye on your network’s safety.
  3. Update Regularly: Make sure you update the app so you have the latest tools to fight off threats.
  4. Learn From Reports: Read the reports carefully and learn what they tell you about your network.
  5. Use Secure Networks: Try to only connect to networks that are safe and avoid public ones if possible.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy interface: It’s simple to use for anyone.
  • Detailed reports: Helps you know what’s going on with your network.
  • Fast and handy: Works quick and doesn’t slow down your phone.
  • Credits: You get tokens for more stuff if you use it a lot.


  • Needs rooted device: It works best when your phone has special permissions.
  • May miss things: Sometimes it doesn’t find every weak spot.

Alternative Apps Worth Trying

  1. Wireshark: A strong tool to check what’s happening on your network.
  2. Nmap: Helps you scan networks and see what devices are connected.
  3. cSploit: Another app for checking network safety with lots of tools.
  4. Netcut: This app is good for seeing who’s using your WiFi and can block others.
  5. Fing: Fing is great for a quick look at all the things connected to your WiFi.

zAnti Premium APK

Ending Thoughts

zAnti is a very useful tool for making sure no one can sneak into your WiFi and for keeping all devices using it safe. Think about how safe you want your network to be, remember how easy the app is to use, and all the cool stuff it does. It’s worth giving a try, especially if taking care of networks is part of your job. Give it a go! Download zAnti Mod APK for Android today and make your WiFi space safer.

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  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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