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Yuzu NCE is a new update for the Yuzu Nintendo Switch emulator on Android devices. It lets Switch games run faster and better by using a special way to handle game codes.

Name Yuzu NCE
Publisher Yuzu emulator team
Size 34 MB
Version 2.0
MOD Info Emulator
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  • Emulator
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Why should I use Yuzu NCE?

Yuzu NCE makes games work better on your Android phone or device. If you turn on Native Code Execution, or NCE for short, you may see the games play smoother and with less waiting time for things to load.

With NCE, even new, big games like Super Mario Wonder can reach 60 frames per second. That’s a big deal because it means the game looks very smooth, almost like you’re playing on an actual Nintendo Switch. These improvements show that you don’t need a very expensive phone with the latest top parts inside. Many phones with Snapdragon 865, a type of phone ‘brain’ or processor, can now play these games well.

In simple terms, using the app allows for a better gaming time on your phone. You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite Nintendo Switch games without having to own the actual game console or an expensive, high-end smartphone.


Key Features

The first key feature that Yuzu NCE brings to the table is ‘Native Code Execution,’ which is like speaking directly in a language your phone understands. Instead of taking time to translate game codes, your phone runs them as they are. This speeds up how fast games start and run. It’s like having a straight path instead of a winding road.

Secondly, there’s better performance. Many users have found that games not only start quicker but also have less stutter, or fewer moments when the game freezes or slows down. Imagine trying to play a fast-paced game where every few seconds it pauses, spoiling the action. Now think how much nicer it would be if it kept going smoothly. That’s what the app does.

The third feature is you don’t need the newest phone. As mentioned earlier, if your phone has a Snapdragon 865 or newer, you’ll likely see these benefits. That means more people can play without buying new phones. Just like you don’t need the latest running shoes to enjoy a jog, you won’t need the most advanced smartphone to have fun gaming.

Fourth is easier access to games. Some Switch games were hard to play through emulation because they demanded so much from the phone. With Yuzu NCE, you can play these games with fewer issues. It opens the door to titles that were once too difficult to run on phones.

The last but not least feature is the ongoing improvements. The people who make Yuzu NCE are still working on making it better. With every update, users can look forward to smoother and better gameplay. Over time, it is expected that running Nintendo Switch games on the phone will become even easier.

Think of these key features as being like a treasure map. They are the steps or clues that lead you to a wonderful prize – a full, fun, and fast gaming experience on your Android device.

Yuzu Emulator NCE 145

Best Tips for Yuzu NCE

  1. When you begin using the app, pick games that are simpler to see how much better your emulator works now. Simple games will show you the speed and smooth works of the app without too much trouble.
  2. Always keep your Yuzu NCE app up-to-date. The team behind the emulator often brings out new updates to fix little problems or to make things work even faster. Think of it like getting your car checked so it keeps running well.
  3. Mess with the settings. Inside the app, you’ll find lots of options to change how the games play on your device. Some settings may make the game look better, while others may help the game run faster. You can try different settings to find the best fit for your phone.
  4. Be sure to check if your phone’s system meets the needs for Yuzu NCE to run well. If you are running other big apps at the same time, they might slow your gaming down. Close other apps, if you can, to let your phone focus on running your game.
  5. Use guides and forums to get help. Many people play games using emulators and like to talk about them online. If a game doesn’t run well or you’re unsure how to make it better, these fans can help. It’s good to join this community to learn and get new ideas.

Yuzu Android NCE v2.0

Pros and Cons


  • Faster Game Play: Games run much quicker with better frames per second (FPS), making for smoother action.
  • No Latest Phone Needed: Older phones with Snapdragon 865 processors and up can handle the emulation, no need for the newest model.
  • Wide Game Selection: More games, including newer ones, work because of better performance.
  • Game Graphics and Audio: Improved graphics and sound mean a more enjoyable game to see and hear.
  • Continued Upgrades: Regular updates mean ongoing fixes and speed boosts.


  • May Not Run Perfectly: Even with NCE, some complex games may have issues on some devices.
  • Battery Use: Better game play means heavier battery use, so your phone’s battery might run out quicker.
  • Learning Curve: New users have to learn about emulator settings to get games running just right.
  • Storage Space: Keeping a few games ready to play can fill the phone’s storage up fast.

Alternatives for Yuzu NCE

If Yuzu NCE isn’t quite right for you, there are other ways to play Switch games on Android. One option is EGG NS, another Switch emulator that works on Android.

Another option, named Skyline, is more experimental. Last, there’s an app called MonoNX but it needs more work and doesn’t run games yet.

All these have their own pros and cons too. Some may be easier to use or could work better on certain phones. Remember to look at your options and pick the one that best fits what you need from an emulator.

Download Yuzu NCE Android APK

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is the app free?
Yes, Yuzu NCE is free to download. You can get it from GitHub.

Do I need a strong phone internet signal to run the app?
A phone with a good internet signal is best for downloading games and updates, but once you start a game, you don’t need the internet to play.

Can all Nintendo Switch games be used in Yuzu NCE?
Most games will run well, but there can be some trouble with very big or special games.

How do I keep Yuzu NCE up-to-date?
To keep the app up to date, check the app page on GitHub regularly for new versions you can download.


In the end, Yuzu NCE brings new life to playing Nintendo Switch games on Android phones. It makes game emulation more fun by running games faster with better smoothness and visuals.

Whether you’re a dedicated gamer or someone who plays now and then, Yuzu NCE has something exciting to offer. Emulation has never been simpler or more powerful on smartphones.

Free Download Yuzu NCE APK 145 Updates v2.0 (Emulator) for Android

Ready for amazing gaming on your phone? Try the app and see the difference in how your favorite Nintendo Switch games play. Play more, wait less!

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