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What a Legend APK 0.7 Latest Version (Full Game)

What A Legend is a game where you go on adventures in a magical world. You solve quests, talk to interesting characters, and make choices that change the story.

Name What a Legend
Publisher Magicnuts
Size 670 MB
Version 0.7
MOD Info Full Game
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Adventure Through Time in a Medieval Fantasy Quest

What a Legend APK Mod is a point and click game with 2D graphics, created to make you feel like you are living in old-times with magic. People can play this game on computers with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS systems or on Android phones.

In the game, there is a young man who wants to start his love life. He goes to a big city and meets many different people including women who are not happy, strange creatures, and other interesting beings. The whole game has stories, and by playing, it feels like you are part of these stories. Time will pass quickly because the game is very fun.

What a Legend APK 0.7 latest version

Discovering the Characters and Map

When you play What a Legend APK 0.7 latest version, one of the best things is meeting all the people and seeing all the places on the map. The city map in the game is very pretty and full of fantasy parts that make the game more exciting.

There are important people like Save and Carl, and a princess named Simone Hammerdick. There are also pretty girls, guards, and other special beings in the cities. You talk to them and see how each new talk can change things in the game.

Adventures and Quests

Quests or little jobs in What a Legend APK full version place you right into challenges. You get better in the game by dealing with problems just like in real life.

Any choice you make won’t be a mistake. The game shows you its story based on what quests you want to finish. Sometimes quests need you to solve issues that characters have.

You can focus on the story of any character you like. This means each player can enjoy different parts as they wish.

What a Legend APK Mod

Magical Help

Inside What A Legend, if you have a problem or don’t know what to do next, the game helps you. If you go to your tent in the game, there’s a treasure box. In the box is a crystal ball that gives hints about what you should do. This way, if you are stuck, you don’t have to stay that way for long.

This special help lets players move through stories without getting lost for too long. It’s a fun way to keep playing even when things get hard.

The Best Tips for Playing What A Legend

  1. Look at Everything: In the game, you must search many places. It is important to click on different things because you might find something that helps with your quests.
  2. Talk to People: Always talk to all the characters. They might say something important or give you helpful things.
  3. Use Your Items Wisely: The game will give you items; remember where they are and use them when you need help.
  4. Check the Crystal Ball: If you’re stuck, use the crystal ball in your treasure chest for hints.
  5. Enjoy the Story: Don’t rush; enjoy all the different stories. Each one adds more fun to your adventure.

What a Legend APK full version

Pros and Cons


  • Interesting World: The map and places in the game are very pretty and fun to explore.
  • Fun Characters: There are lots of different characters, each with their own stories.
  • Choices Matter: What you decide changes the story, which makes it more fun to play many times.
  • Help When Needed: The crystal ball gives clues so you do not feel lost.
  • Free to Play: You don’t need to pay money to play this game.


  • English Only: The game is just in English, so it might be hard if you don’t know this language well.


If What A Legend isn’t what you want or you can’t play it, there are other games you can try. One game like this is called Treasure of Nadia. Is an adventure game where you play to find treasures, solve puzzles, and meet different women.

What a Legend 0.7 APK download for Android

Questions People Often Ask

Can I play the game on my phone?
Yes, you can play it if you have an Android phone.

Does it cost money to play?
No, the game is free to play.

Is What A Legend easy to play?
It depends. You need to explore and think about how to use items and information. The crystal ball helps a lot if you get stuck.

Is the game only in English?
Yes, right now English is the only language available in the game.

Wrapping Up

What A Legend is a game with many adventures and fun stories. It is very exciting for those who enjoy fantasy stories. This game can take hours and hours because of all the different choices you can make.

Free Download What a Legend APK 0.7 Latest Version

If you think this game sounds interesting, you can download the game on your Android phone. Enjoy becoming a part of a magical world with lots of stories to discover!

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