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Thief Simulator is a game where you play a thief, planning and pulling off burglaries without being caught.

Name Thief Simulator
Publisher PlayWay SA
Size 590 MB
Version 2.0.9
MOD Info Unlimited Money, No Ads
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  • Latest Version
  • Unlimited Money
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Thief Simulator is a sneaky game where you slip into the shoes of a thief. It gives you a big place to sneak around, study people, and plan how to break into their spaces without being caught. The joy is in grabbing things that don’t belong to you and then selling them. You have to stay out of sight, dodge the police, and make smart escapes with your haul. This game is full of chances to learn more thieving skills and is set in a world that changes based on the time and what people do.

Thief Simulator Mod APK latest version


Being a thief here means you can walk around neighboring areas as much as you want. These places are like a big playground for your stealing spades. You can peek into windows and backyards to see what’s worth taking. The good part is, there’s no set path. You make your own decision on what house to sneak into and how to find the things you want to take. It’s up to you to move from nobody to the top name in the stealing game.


As a player, you need to watch targets and get to know their day by day acts. It’s like learning a dance so that you can move in and out without bumping into anyone. You’ll know when folks are home, when they’re at work, or when they’re out, so you can make a sneaky move. This part of the game needs patience and smarts so that when you finally go for the steal, it goes smooth with no mess.


In real life, being nosy is rude but here it’s your best skill! Use cool tools like cameras and tablets to check out houses before you take a step inside. Knowing what to expect behind closed doors is key to pull off a great grab without trouble. Say goodbye to bad surprises! With the right info, you’re always one step ahead.

Thief Simulator Mod APK no ads


One main thrill in Thief Simulator Mod APK unlimited money is getting into homes, taking their shiny stuff while nobody’s looking, and getting it all out without leaving a trace. The sweet part is when it’s time to see the loot turn into money. You can go for something easy like a TV or aim high and nab something like an entire car! With some luck and quick fingers, you’ll stack up enough cash to buy better gear for even bigger breaks.


Thief Simulator Mod APK no ads about being sly, getting caught isn’t just bad luck – it’s game over. So you’ve got to be like a shadow; always quiet, always hidden. The game challenges you with keen cops or nosy neighbors; make one wrong step and you could be tossed in jail. It teaches you not only to take things but also to know when to wait out trouble or dash like the wind with whatever valuables you can grab.


  1. Always have a quick escape: Know where the exits are in case you need to leave fast.
  2. Use the dark: Night time is the best for moves. Folks usually sleep and it’s harder for them to see you.
  3. Quiet wins: Walk soft and use tools that don’t make much noise. Being loud will bring the cops fast.
  4. Know when to leave: Sometimes, you can’t take everything. A full bag is better than getting caught.
  5. Wait and watch: Spend time looking at the folks you want to rob. Learn their ways and it will help you not get caught.

Thief Simulator Mod APK OBB


  • Walk around freely in places and pick what houses to rob.
  • Watch folks to plan your break in with care.
  • Use special stuff to learn about homes before entering.
  • Steal stuff and sell it for money to get better thief gadgets.
  • Stay out of sight, so the police don’t catch you and end your game.
  • Break things apart to sell online and remove tracking before selling.
  • Grab useful things in homes to make your job easier.
  • Every person in the game has their own ways, making each break-in unique.



  • Lots of freedom to choose how you play.
  • Smart ways to plan steals based on real-life schedules.
  • Fun tools help you get the best of each robbery.
  • Learn thief tricks as you play more.
  • Can play again and again with things happening differently every time.


  • Might be too hard for people who aren’t patient.
  • Running from cops or hiding can get stressful.

Thief Simulator Mod APK unlimited money


If sneaky sounds like your kind of fun, then Thief Simulator will have you at the edge of your seat. It’s not just about being quiet; it’s about thinking sharp, being smooth and getting away with big treasure! With a world that changes, every steal is a new chance for thrills! Want to see if you’ve got what it takes? Grab your tools, ready your mind for twists and turns, and test your luck as a high-class thief – without the risk of real jail time, of course! Hit up your app store, get Thief Simulator, and start your sneaky adventure today!

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