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The Classrooms APK for Android (Horror Game) Latest Version

The Classrooms deliver a unique, ever-changing horror experience as you navigate a mysterious school filled with unpredictable entities.

Name The Classrooms
Publisher Xefier Games Inc.
Size 218 MB
Version 1.2
MOD Info Mobile Version
MOD Info
  • Horror Game
  • Mobile Version
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Scary Maze Game: Find Your Way and Stay Safe!

The Classrooms is a scary video game where you move through a school with a video camera. It’s full of strange things and creatures trying to catch you. Each time you play, the halls and rooms change; no two games are the same. You step into the shoes of Robert Chen who is looking for his lost sister and other kids. As you find your way through the school, you find scary surprises that make each playthrough unique.

The Classrooms Mobile APK

Changing World

The game’s biggest surprise is how it changes each time. The school’s layout is never the same twice, which means players will always be guessing what’s around the corner. Billions of layouts mix to keep the game fresh. Whether you’re sneaking through hallways for the first or fiftieth time, you won’t know what to expect. This keeps the game exciting every play.

Creatures in the Halls

You’re not alone in the hallways of The Classrooms Horror Game APK. Creatures hide in the dark, with some friendly and others not so much. Learning about each creature is key to staying safe. They all behave differently, so you will need to think fast and be ready for anything they might do. Some might listen for sounds, while others might only see movement. Understanding these behaviors focuses on survival.

Using Sound

Sound can be a friend or enemy in The Classrooms Game APK. Your real voice can affect what happens. Yelling can make creatures notice you, but sometimes you can use sound smartly to keep yourself safe or control creatures close by. It’s a different thing most games don’t have, making this one stand out as it hooks up with your mic for new ways to interact.

The Classrooms Horror Game APK

Picking up Items

As you walk through the hallways, you’ll find stuff that can help you. You might pick up notes, keys, or tools. These things won’t be in the same place each time, meaning you’ll need to search thoroughly during each game session. Having an inventory to carry stuff means being ready to use whatever you find to help stay alive against tricky challenges that pop up.

Learning About Entities

Every creature in The Classrooms Mobile APK is unique. This means learning and remembering what each one does is a big part of the game. Players must pay close attention to these creatures: some might chase you if they see you, while others could react to the noises you make. It’s like a puzzle, figuring out each creature’s secrets to beat the game. Dive into this challenge and start matching your skills against the mystery of these entities.

The Classrooms Game APK

Useful Tips for The Classrooms Players

  1. Take It Slow: Move with care. Fast moves can make noise and that can attract unwanted attention from creatures.
  2. Sound Smarts: Use sound to your benefit. Softly talking might fool a creature, or a loud shout can lure it away from where you need to go.
  3. Remember Paths: Even though the building changes, try to remember where you’ve been to avoid going in circles.
  4. Learn Creature Habits: If you know what a creature does, you can think of new ways to sneak past them or keep them busy.
  5. Save Your Stuff: Don’t use tools or keys quick! Think hard before you use them and save them for when you really need them.

Pros and Cons


  • Each game feels new with different levels.
  • Creatures make the game unpredictable and thrilling.
  • Sound adds a fun twist to play.
  • Searching keeps the game interesting.


  • Some players might find it too different each time.
  • Learning fast is important or it can be too tough.

The Classrooms APK for Android


The Classrooms is for those who love solving puzzles and feeling chills down their spines. Every corner hides secrets and challenges that will test your bravery and brains. Don’t miss out! Go ahead, download The Classrooms APK for Android, grab your camera, and start the scary adventure of twisting hallways today. It’s on Android where does your story lead? Watch out for those creatures and let’s find out!

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