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TFT PBE Mobile APK for Android (Set 11) Latest Version

In TFT PBE Mobile, you craft a team of champions and plan your strategy to outwit rivals in exciting auto battles.

Name TFT PBE Mobile
Publisher Riot Games, Inc
Size 60 MB
Version 14.4.5606808
MOD Info Set 11
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  • Set 11
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Enter the Arena: Teamfight Tactics Mobile

Teamfight Tactics, or TFT Mobile for short, is a fun game where you build teams to fight against others. Made by Riot Games, who also created the famous game League of Legends, TFT puts your planning skills to the test. You pick champions, kind of like characters with special powers, from League of Legends to fight for you. The game has battles one after another, and your goal is to be the last one standing. It’s a battle of brains! You can play on your phone and join friends for games anytime.

TFT PBE on Mobile APK

Draft Your Champions

In TFT PBE Mobile APK, a big part of the fun is picking which champions you will use to fight. This is called drafting. Every champion has their own special power and role in the team. You look at what champions are available and think about how they can work together to beat the other players’ teams. Choosing well can make a team that’s hard to beat! Plus, with new champions coming into the game often, you always have new choices to try out.

Battling Made Automatic

One of the coolest parts of TFT Mobile PBE APK is the way the fighting happens. You get things ready by picking and placing your champions, but when the battle starts, they fight on their own without you pushing any buttons. This means you must think ahead and plan where each champion should go and which ones work best together. Getting everything right before the battle is key! If you do this part well, you can just watch your team win.

Constantly Changing Champions

TFT PBE on Mobile APK stays exciting because champions come in and out of the game. They call this a revolving roster. It means that every time you play, some different champions might be there for you to draft. It keeps the game fresh because you can’t just keep using the same plan over and over; you need to think of new ones for the changing choices in front of you!


Strategic Mind Games

This game isn’t about who can tap their screen fastest; it’s all about strategy. Strategy means planning and making smart decisions about building your team and thinking about how to beat other players’ teams. You must decide things like which champions are strong against others or what items to give them to make them even better. Playing TFT PBE APK feels like you are a smart leader guiding their team to victory.

How to Play TFT PBE on Mobile

To access the Public Beta Environment of TFT Mobile on your phone, you need to have an existing PBE account. Once you have that, you can log into the mobile game with this special account to test out all the upcoming features and changes before they’re released widely. This is great for players who want to be ahead of the curve and help shape the future of TFT by providing feedback from their mobile gaming experience. Remember that playing on the PBE might be a bit different, as it’s for trying out things that are still being worked on.

Become a TFT Mobile Master: Top Strategies

  1. Know Your Champions: Just like friends, every champion is special. Learn what they can do and which ones work well together. This way, you can make a strong team that fits your plan.
  2. Watch the Money: You need gold to get champions and power them up. Be smart! Sometimes, it’s good to save gold; other times, spend it to make your team stronger.
  3. Position Players Wisely: Where you put your champions on the board makes a big difference. Shielded ones in front, fragile but strong-in-attack ones in the back can mean winning instead of losing.
  4. Learn From Others: Look at what teams others are building and how they play. This helps you figure out what works well and what doesn’t.
  5. Stay Flexible: Plans can change! If you see better champions or a new strategy working while you play, try it out. Winning might mean changing your tactics as you go.


TFT Mobile Hits and Misses


  • Fresh Matchups: With a changing lineup of champions, no two games are the same.
  • Plan and Conquer: Thinking ahead and strategizing is fun and makes winning sweet.
  • Play with Pals: Join friends for games anytime, anywhere.
  • Regular Refreshes: New updates bring cool stuff to discover and try out.


  • Tricky for Beginners: New players might find the game hard to understand at first.
  • Needs Patience: You must wait to see battles happen, which isn’t for everyone.
  • Limited Without Paying?: To get some special items or characters, you might feel like you have to spend money.
  • Drains Your Battery: Because it’s so much fun, playing a lot can use up your phone battery fast.

Fantastic Alternatives

  1. Auto Chess – It’s all about strategy and finding the strongest pieces.
  2. Dota Underlords – Another fun auto battler with different characters.
  3. Hearthstone Battlegrounds – Combines card game magic with auto battling.
  4. Might & Magic: Chess Royale – A blend of classic characters and auto battling with quick matches.
  5. Clash Royale – Not exactly the same, but it’s about building powerful teams and fighting others.


The Final Roundup

Teamfight Tactics Mobile is a game that lets you show off how clever you are without needing fast fingers. It lets you play with friends, plan big moves, and enjoy battles from anywhere on your mobile phone. This game always has something new with fresh champions to try out and seasonal updates.

So why not download TFT Mobile? It’s free and filled with adventures waiting for you—just tap the download button on Google Play or the App Store, and jump into the action!

The game might be tricky at first for newcomers, but stick with it because learning it is part of the fun! Make friends or join old ones in this exciting strategic battle world from Riot Games. Download TFT PBE Mobile APK for Android, get ready to strategize and aim for that top spot as a master tactician in Teamfight Tactics Mobile!

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