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Supermarket Manager Simulator lets you run your own virtual store. Stock goods, serve customers, and grow your business in this fun and educational game.

Name Supermarket Manager Simulator
Publisher Digital Melody Games
Size 132 MB
Version 1.0.16
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Run Your Supermarket

Supermarket Manager Simulator is a fun game where you act like the boss of a big store. In your store, you need to keep it clean, put stuff on the shelves, help customers and be the leader for your workers. You can make your store even better by picking the right things to sell and finding good people to work for you. This helps you sell more and grow your business. The game is great for learning about stores, numbers, and being in charge, all while having a good time.

Supermarket Manager Simulator unlimited money Mod APK

Your Store, Your Rules

One of the best parts of Supermarket Manager Simulator Mod APK is that you get to choose how your store runs. You’ll be looking after your stock so that your shelves are never empty, pick prices that are good for both you and your customers, find new folks to work in your store, and make sure all your goods are ready for people to buy. It’s almost like having a real store but without needing real money or leaving your house.

Game That Feels Real

In Supermarket Manager Simulator Mod APK unlimited money, how well your store does depends on what you decide. Where things go, the look and feel of your shop, and how easy it is for customers to move around and buy things makes a big difference. It’s like a puzzle where every piece matters for making the best store ever.

Make Your Shop Shine

Your shop is like your own little world in Supermarket Manager Simulator unlimited money Mod APK. You get to make it look just how you want with colors, themes, and decorations that say “you.” Over time, you’ll need to fix up the place with new paint, better lights, and even decorations to keep your customers happy and staying longer.

Supermarket Manager Simulator Mod APK unlimited money

Keep Those Customers Happy

Happy customers mean a thriving store. In Supermarket Manager Simulator free download, keeping an eye on what customers want and how they feel about your shop helps a lot. Being the boss means you’ll have to keep everyone happy from the people coming in to buy stuff to the workers helping them out. Keeping those shelves filled with goods folks want is key.

Smart Shopping for Success

  1. Know Your Goods: Some items sell faster than others. Keep an eye on what people buy more and stock up on those.
  2. Price It Right: Find a balance with your pricing. Too high, and no one buys, too low, and you might not make enough money.
  3. Workers Matter: Choose your staff well. Good workers mean happy customers and a store that runs smooth.
  4. Spot the Sales: Look out for when you can buy items cheap to sell in your store. Sales help you save money and make more too.
  5. Prevent Theft: Keep an eye on sneaky thieves. It might mean hiring security to stop them and save your stuff.

Supermarket Manager Simulator Mod APK

Pros and Cons


  • Make It Your Own: Decorating and shaping your shop your way is a lot of fun.
  • Real-Life Feel: Running a store in the game can feel as challenging as the real thing.
  • Lots of Choices: There’s always something new to do or improve in your supermarket.
  • Grow Big: Watching your small shop become a huge market is super rewarding.


  • Time Needed: You have to spend a lot of time to make everything work well.
  • Challenges: Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s the best choice for your store.

Other Cool Store Games

  1. My Supermarket Story: Make a neat little shop into a super selling place.
  2. Idle Supermarket Tycoon: Build a business empire from just a small market.
  3. Grocery Store Manager: Lead a grocery team to success.
  4. Bakery Shop Simulator: Run a bakery and make delicious bread and cakes for sale.
  5. Restaurant Management: Don’t just stop at a market; try running a whole restaurant.

Supermarket Manager Simulator free download

Ready to Manage Your Supermarket?

Supermarket Manager Simulator is not just playing – it’s learning to think like a boss, solve problems, and have fun making a store the best it can be. If you feel ready to take on the challenge of building a store from nothing into something great, give it a try. Download Supermarket Manager Simulator Mod APK for Android today and see if you can make it to the top of the supermarket world!

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