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Super Mario Maker World Engine 4.0.0 APK for Android

Super Mario Maker World Engine is a free game. People can make their own maps and play levels with Mario-like elements. It is made for fans and lets players be creative.

Name Super Mario Maker World Engine
Publisher Nintendo
Size 95 MB
Version 4.0.0
MOD Info SMMWE 2 Mobile
MOD Info
  • SMMWE 2 Mobile
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Why should I play Super Mario Maker World Engine?

People often look for fun things to do. This game is good for that because it gives many choices for play. You become the maker of your game world using easy tools. Using these tools, you can decide how the land looks, where enemies stand, and what challenges you want.

You like to solve puzzles or beat hard stages, right? Now you can make your own! After making them, you can try to finish your levels. This is good for learning and becoming more skilled. Also, if friends or family also play, you can share your own stages with them.

Think too about why we play games from our past. You feel happy remembering fun times as kids when playing games like Mario. With this game, you can bring back those old times and mix them with new ideas. That way, you create a fresh game.

Lastly, it costs nothing to use this game. It lets people who don’t have other systems like Switch or Wii U still enjoy making and playing Mario-like games.

Super Mario Maker World Engine 4.0.0 APK

Key Features

Create Your Own Levels: The main thing about this game is making levels. People take parts like ground blocks, coins, pipes, and enemies to craft levels they like. There’s no limit; your ideas can go wild! You can spend a lot of time making cool stuff happen in your level.

Different Characters and Themes: Another great part of the game is that you’re not stuck with just one kind of world or character. In Super Mario Maker World Engineer users can change the look by choosing different themes or adding different characters from the Mario series – each could give special skills or actions in-game!

Explore Endless Maps: Once you’ve made levels or just feel like playing others’, there are endless maps available – each crafted by someone around the globe playing just like you. Some will be simple, others will be very tricky.

Player Authentication/Cancellation System: Even if now changes to online features have happened after its stopping such as no longer publishing new stages – existing ones built by players before shutting down are still up.

Regular Updates: This game got updates making it better over time until stopped. Updates mean new parts to use, fixing problems so it plays smoothly on mobiles PC alike – it’s support given even post stop-date in the form of access to created content beforehand unchanged.


Best Tips for Super Mario Maker World Engine

Learn the Basics: If you’re new, take time to learn how the game works. Use the tutorials. They show how to make levels and use different pieces. Start slow and make a simple level. Then try more each time you play.

Play Other People’s Levels: Playing other levels gives ideas. See how they did things and learn new tricks. Try difficult levels too and learn from them. This makes you better at making your own levels

Get Feedback: Show your levels to friends or family. They can tell you if it is fun or too easy or hard. Listen well, they help to make levels better.

Use Themes and Characters Well: Mix themes and characters in levels for surprises. Like ice can make it slippery or ghosts can make it spooky. Picking the best mix makes your level stand out.

Take Note of Problems: Sometimes, the game can act strange like freezing or crashing. This is sad, but don’t stop playing! Save your work often. If a problem happens, you don’t lose much.

Super Mario Maker 2 APK

Pros and Cons


  • Free to play, no cost.
  • Make and try different levels, all made by players.
  • Many kinds of themes and characters to choose from.
  • No end to how much you can play.
  • You need only a PC or mobile to play.


  • The game isn’t updated now because it stopped.
  • Some players might find bugs or crashes while playing.
  • Only in Spanish until English and Portuguese come later.
  • Online parts like sharing new levels is no longer possible as of August 16th, when the game stopped.
  • Not all features from the original Super Mario Maker games might be in it.Super Mario Maker APK latest version

Alternatives for Super Mario Maker World Engine

If Super Mario Maker World Engine isn’t what you seek, don’t worry! Lots of other games let you build and play custom levels. Games like Roblox or Minecraft are good picks. They have big worlds to make and share adventures. These games also support many languages and keep getting updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still download Super Mario Maker World Engine?

Yes, you can still find and download it for your PC or mobile.

Is this game official from Nintendo?

No, this game is a fan-made project not from Nintendo.

Will the game get new updates?

The game was stopped and new updates aren’t planned right now. But there’s a small chance the creators may bring it back one day.

Is it easy to use for someone new?

Yes, with simple buttons and guides, new players can start making levels quick.

Can I play levels from other people?

Right now, you can’t share new levels or play levels shared after August 16th. Levels made before then can still be played.


Super Mario Maker World Engine was a nice way to bring back Mario fun from our childhoods in a fresh way. It let us craft new challenges and adventures even without having a Nintendo Switch or other system. Fans of Mario though should keep an eye for any updates or maybe a return in the future!

Free Download Super Mario Maker World Engine 4.0.0 APK (SMMWE 2 Mobile)

The game is ready and free! Go get it and start creating your own Mario-like world today!

Get Super Mario Maker World Engine

Download (95 MB)

You are now ready to download Super Mario Maker World Engine for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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