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Settlement Survival is a strategic game where you build and manage a flourishing town, balancing resources, trade, and well-being.

Name Settlement Survival
Publisher X.D. Network
Size 398 MB
Version 1.2.0
MOD Info Full Version, Unlimited Money
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Build, Trade, and Thrive: Master the Challenges

Settlement Survival is a game where you lead a group of people trying to build a home in a new land. You help them grow food, catch animals, find things they need, and make buildings. Trading goods with others helps your town grow and unlocks new stuff. Your choices shape how your town develops. Balancing everything is key to keeping your people happy and making your settlement shine.

Settlement Survival APK full version for free

Build and Manage Your Town

At the heart of Settlement Survival Mod APK unlimited money is making a town from scratch. You place buildings, ensure everyone has a house, and pick where to grow crops. Every building and farm plays a part in helping your town survive and grow. Deciding where to build what makes every game unique.

Keeping People Happy and Healthy

Your people’s health and happiness are essential. If sickness or unhappiness spreads, it can hurt your town’s growth. You need to watch out for diseases that can come from other places or if too many babies are born at once or not enough young people to take over jobs in the future.

Roads to Success

Settlement Survival APK full version for free gives you choices on what to focus on: digging for minerals, growing food, building things, or trading. Each choice changes how you play. Agriculture lets you feed more folks; building expands the town, mines unlock precious materials, and trade brings in goods from far away.

Settlement Survival APK latest version

Smart Trading

Sometimes you run out of things you need. That’s when trading is useful. You send caravans out to do business with neighbors, which helps you keep going even when times are tough. Trading also gets you tech and items that you can’t make yourself.

Danger Lurks

You must also defend your settlement against dangers like wild beasts or attacks from enemies. Making sure everyone is safe is part of your responsibilities, so plan defenses well and be ready for any threat.

Useful Tips for Playing Settlement Survival

Here are some tips to help your settlement thrive:

  1. Balance Resource Harvesting: Don’t take too much all at once, or you’ll run out of forests and hurt the land. Only take what you need and let nature grow back.
  2. Plan for Seasons: Winters can be hard, so gather food and wood early on to stay warm and full when it’s cold.
  3. Keep an Eye on Health: Build wells and keep the streets clean to stop sickness from spreading.
  4. Mix Your Jobs: Having a mix of farmers, builders, hunters, and traders means your town can handle more surprises.
  5. Build Relations With Others: Trade with neighboring settlements not only for resources but to make friends that can help you later.

Settlement Survival Mod APK unlimited money

Pros and Cons


  • You can make creative towns every time.
  • Choices on how to develop your town add fun.
  • Trading adds depth to the play.


  • Sickness or disasters can frustrate plans.
  • Needs patience and planning.

Alternative Games

If you like Settlement Survival on Android, consider these games:

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  2. Cities: Skylines: Create and run a city, trying to make your citizens happy.
  3. RimWorld: Manage colonists on an alien world, dealing with pirates and beasts.
  4. Tropico: Be the leader of a tropical island and decide if you’ll be loved or feared.
  5. Anno 1800: Build a city during the Industrial Revolution and manage trade across the globe.

Settlement Survival on Android

Conclusion and Call to Download

Settlement Survival is a fun game for people who like problems that make them think hard and want a chance to make their unique world. Every time you play it can end up different with new choices to make your town special. Got what it takes to lead your people to happiness? Try Settlement Survival APK latest version now, build your dream settlement, and show off what kind of leader you are!

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