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Score Hero 2024 Mod APK (Unlimited Health, Energy, Money) for Android

Score Hero 2024 is a game where you control one soccer hero and make big game-changing plays.

Name Score Hero 2024
Publisher First Touch Games Ltd.
Size 192 MB
Version 3.2.0
MOD Info Unlimited Health, Energy, Money
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  • Unlimited Health
  • Energy
  • Money
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Become a Soccer Legend

Score Hero 2024 Mod APK is a fun and unique soccer game. Unlike other soccer games, you do not control a team but one player. In the game, you join in only the most important parts of different games. Sometimes, you must make your team win by catching up from a losing score. Other times, you have the thrill of scoring the last, winning goal.

The game is made of many levels, sorted into seasons. Each level can give you up to three stars based on how well you do. For example, scoring a goal from far away can give you three stars.

In Score Hero 2024, moving your finger on the screen lets you make the ball go where you want. You can also make the ball spin or go up in the air.

The game looks good and is fun to play. It is not like other soccer games because of how you play and all the choices you have for changing how your player looks.

Score Hero 2024 Mod APK Unlimited Health

Control Your Destiny on the Field

One key feature of Score Hero 2024 Mod APK Unlimited Health is that you have control over one player’s fate in crucial football moments. You get to be the hero in big game scenes; whether it’s making a perfect pass, scoring an incredible goal, or helping your teammate score.

Playing is simple with just finger moves to make shots and passes that curve and swerve. Because you are not playing a full match but key shots and passes instead this makes every move count even more.

Play Through Stories and Levels

There are hundreds of levels in Score Hero Mod APK 2024 latest version unlimited life and money which come together to tell your player’s story. What’s really cool is that each level offers a different challenge for you to master which feels like going through your own soccer career.

Score Hero 2024 lets you build up drama with every game played, taking each level as a chapter of your journey—going from a new player to a big soccer star. As you move forward in the game, more levels open up with even bigger stakes and incredible plays to pull off.

Score Hero Mod APK 2024 latest version unlimited life and money

Changing Your Hero

Another great part about Score Hero Mod APK full energy is how much you can make your player look different. You can change his clothes, hair, and more so he looks just the way you want.

Changing how your hero looks makes playing even more personal because it feels like you are really in the game. With lots of styles to pick from, making your hero look cool adds a fun touch outside of playing soccer. This means while you push ahead in your career in the game, your hero can change along with your success.

Best Tips and Tricks for Playing Score Hero 2024

  1. Plan your moves: Look at the field and see where your teammates and opponents are before you move the ball. This helps you make smarter plays.
  2. Use curves: When you shoot or pass, adding a curve can help get the ball past players and into the goal.
  3. Replay levels: If you don’t get three stars, try the level again. With practice, you will learn how to conquer each challenge.
  4. Save your energy: You have limited chances to play levels; don’t waste them. Take breaks if you find a level too hard and return with fresh energy.
  5. Customize wisely: When you change how your player looks, think of what suits him best for more fun.

Score Hero Mod APK download 2024

Pros and Cons


  • Control one soccer player’s moves in important game parts.
  • Story mode with many levels feels like a real career.
  • You can choose how your player looks which adds fun to the game.
  • Simple to understand how to play.
  • Free to play; no cost to download.


  • Limited energy means you cannot play all the time.
  • Getting stars on all levels can be very hard.
  • Getting past some levels might need many tries which can be annoying.
  • Sometimes the game asks for money to make progress faster.


If you look for different soccer games, there are many others. Dream League Soccer is one made by the same team that created Score Hero 2024. It lets you control a whole team, not just one player. There are also games like FIFA Mobile and PES Mobile which give more traditional soccer experiences on your phone.

Score Hero Mod APK full energy

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play the whole match in the game?
No, you play key parts of each match, like scoring important goals.

Is it free to change how my player looks in the game?
Some changes are free but some you need to pay for or win in the game.

Can I play for my favorite soccer team in the game?
Yes, as you get better, you can play for different teams, maybe even your favorite!

Do I need the internet to play the game?
You need the internet to download the game and sometimes for extra parts of the game.


Score Hero 2024 is a fun and different way to enjoy soccer on your phone. It focuses on important moments of playing soccer. With stories and levels, it feels like you go from a new player to a soccer hero. Plus, it’s cool that you can change how your player looks.

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