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Real Cricket 24 is a mobile game that lets you play cricket on your phone with good play style and lots of choices. You can change how it looks, pick different modes, and hear live game talk. Enjoy true-to-life cricket matches.

Name Real Cricket 24
Publisher Nautilus Mobile
Size 467 MB
Version 2.0
MOD Info Unlocked Everything
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Why should I play Real Cricket 24?

You should use Real Cricket 24 because it gives a real cricket feel on your phone. This game offers a variety of batting shots to pick from. It assists you in striking the ball in your favorite style. You can also play with buddies on the internet in various ways, which makes the matches extra enjoyable.

The game shines with cool parts like hearing live game talk from well-known cricket voices and seeing players move just like they do for real. The players appear very true to life, and you can even pick new clothes for them. All this adds up to make the game feel truly special and just like playing real cricket.

The makers of Real Cricket 24 thought hard about what players would want. They added many big cricket events to play, like the World Cup. You can even pretend to buy players for your team, just like real teams do before a big league.

This game is free to get but also offers things you can buy inside it, so more fun awaits if you want it.

Real Cricket 24 Mod APK Unlocked Everything

Key Features

MODS for Creativity: Players love making their own changes to games. With Real Cricket 24 Mod Creator, you can make the game look and feel different. This means you can change player clothes and gear to what you like best.

Mods turn your game into your own space. They bring new life to the field or show off neat ways players can look or bat. Fans of the game share these fresh looks online and everyone can enjoy these cool changes.

Wide Shot Selection: Becoming a great batter in cricket is about choosing the right shots. That’s why this game offers more than 600 batting shots! And there’s a special “Shot Assist” tool that helps you pick the best shot for how you play.

Feel like you are really standing at the crease, facing fast bowlers with different styles of play. You’ll learn which shots work best in each game situation, giving you all chances to score big runs.

Multiplayer Games: Playing alone is fun but playing against others is even better! In Real Cricket 24, you can play one-on-one with friends or with people around the world online anytime.

Real-Life Tournaments: For cricket fans, the big thrill is playing in major tournaments. This game has lots of them, like the RCPL and World Cups for both T20 and ODIs.

True-to-Life Match Feel: Motion Capture is what makes players look real when they move in games. The game uses this technology for player moves so everything looks smooth.

Real Cricket 24 Mod Creator APK

Best Tips for Real Cricket 24

To get really good at the game, here are some top tips:

First, practice your shots. Use the Shot Assist tool to know which shots are best for different balls. Learn when to play it safe or when to go for a big hit.

Second, manage your team well in tournaments like the RCPL. Know who your star players are and use them smartly in matches. Buying the right players in auction can make winning easier.

Third, in multiplayer games, learn from others. Watch how they bat and bowl. This can teach you new tricks and help you win more.

Fourth, to play good fielding, take control! Direct hits and quick throws can change a match outcome. Practice this part of the game as much as batting and bowling.

Finally, keep an eye on the game during events. They often give rewards that can help you get better players or cool stuff for your team without spending real money.

RC 24 Mod APK

Pros and Cons


  • Mods – Change how the game looks and acts.
  • Shots – Lots of batting choices with help for picking the best moves.
  • Live Talk – Listen to famous commentators during games like Sanjay Manjrekar and others.
  • Multiplayer – Play with friends or others online anytime.
  • Tournaments – Big events are there to play like the World Cup.
  • Looks Real – Thanks to motion capture, players move smoothly like real cricket stars.
  • Dynamic Stadiums – Play in fields that feel just like the real ones.
  • Free to Play – The game costs nothing to start playing.


  • In-Game Purchases – Free game but has extra things to buy inside.
  • Learning Curve – Beginners may need time to learn all controls and features.
  • Device Performance – People with older phones might see the game run slow or crash because of high-quality graphics.
  • Data Usage – Playing online uses internet data which could be expensive without Wi-Fi.
  • Updates Needed – Game may need regular updates which can use more space on your phone.
  • Mods Security – Downloading mods made by others could be risky if not from safe sources.
  • Space on Device – Since it’s a detailed game, it needs a lot of space on your phone to install and run well.


If Real Cricket 24 is not your type, there are other cricket games to try:
“Cricket 19” for a console-like experience on mobile.

“Stick Cricket Super League” is for those who want a simple yet fun style of play.

Real Cricket 24 Mod APK unlimited money and tickets

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Real Cricket 24 free to download?
Yes, it’s free but has items you can buy inside the game.

Can I play the game without internet?
No, you need internet for most features like multiplayer games.

Is the game safe for kids?
Yes, it’s safe and about sports with no bad content.

Can I play Real Cricket 24 on a low-end phone?
Yes, but the game may not be smooth or look as nice as on better phones.

Do I need to buy things in the game to win?
No, you can play and enjoy without buying things, but buying may help you win more.

How much space do I need for the game?
You’ll need lots of space because it’s a big game with many features.


Real Cricket 24 brings a very true cricket experience right to your phone. With choices to make the game your own, true-to-life events, and real-world feel with exciting gameplay features, this is a top pick for cricket fans who want to play anytime, anywhere.

It fits both new players learning cricket and experts looking for a challenge. The game’s pros surely outweigh the cons giving endless hours of sports fun.

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Ready to hit some sixes? Download the game now! Just grab your phone, open the app store, find the game, press ‘download,’ and join millions of players in the world’s exciting cricket matches!

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  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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