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Rassel App Android APK (Pocket Shaker) Latest Version

Rassel is an app that makes your phone into small musical instruments like an egg shaker, tambourine, and bells. You shake your phone to make sounds.

Name Rassel
Publisher Klevgränd produkter AB
Size 6 MB
Version 2.0.4
MOD Info Pocket Shaker
MOD Info
  • Pocket Shaker
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Turn Your Phone into a Musical Instrument

Rassel App Android is an app that changes your phone into a fun musical tool. When you want to make music, just shake your phone. It’s like having real little instruments inside your phone. This app has four different sounds you can make: like an egg, a shaker, a tambourine, and bells. To change the sound, you move your finger on the screen.

What makes the app special is how it knows how fast you shake your phone. It uses something called a gyroscope which is like a tiny spinning top inside your phone. It helps Rassel understand how you move. This means when you shake your phone, it sounds very much like shaking real instruments.

Rasel App

Shake it Up: The Instruments

The key feature of Rassel APK is the choice of instruments. You get four types: egg, shaker, tambourine, and bells. Think of it as having four small musical toys in your pocket.

The egg makes a gentle sound when you shake it. The shaker sounds like rice in a bottle. The tambourine rings with little metal pieces hitting each other. And the bells sound bright and clear. These instruments add fun sounds to any music game or party.

Play It Your Way: Customizing Your Sound

Rasel App lets you choose how your instrument sounds. You can make it sound loose, normal or tight. If you choose loose, it sounds like the pieces inside are moving freely. Normal is like the usual way an instrument sounds. Tight makes the sounds feel close together.

There’s also a loudness boost in Rassel. This makes the sound stronger and louder if you’re in a noisy place or if you want to be heard from far.

Rassel APK

Sound That Moves With You

The cool part about Rassel Pocket Shaker APK for Android is how the sound changes when you move your phone differently. If you shake it softly, the sound is softer. If you shake it hard, the sound is louder and stronger.

This happens because of something inside your phone that feels how you move the gyroscope. It’s very smart and tells the app exactly how you are shaking your phone so it can make the right sound.

Best Tips for Using Rassel

  1. Start by shaking gently to hear the soft sounds. Then try shaking harder to see how the sound changes. This is a good way to learn what sounds you can make with Rassel.
  2. If you’re with friends, try using different instruments on different phones. It’s like each person has their own musical tool and together you can make a song.
  3. Use the loudness boost if you’re outside or if there’s other noise around. This way, you can hear the Rassel sounds better.
  4. When you change how tight your instrument is (loose, normal, tight), listen to how the sound changes. You can find the sound that you like best.
  5. Have fun and don’t be afraid to move around! The app is made for fun and dance.

Rassel App Android

Pros and Cons


  • It’s free to download and start using.
  • The app is easy; you just shake your phone to make music.
  • Four types of instruments give you choices in sound.
  • Custom settings let you change how the instruments sound.
  • It uses smart phone tech to make real instrument sounds.
  • Fun for parties or making music with friends.


  • Needs some space to move around safely without dropping the phone.
  • Sounds might get boring after a while because there are only four.
  • Might not work as well when there’s lots of background noise.
  • Other people might not like hearing the sounds if they’re trying to focus or rest.

Looking for Other Music Apps?

If you want to try other apps like Rassel, there are also different music-making apps out there. Some apps let you play piano keys, hit drum pads, or even mix sounds like a DJ. They each have their own fun parts just like Rassel but make different kinds of music. It’s good to look at a few types and find the one you enjoy most.

Rassel Pocket Shaker APK for Android

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it cost money?
A: No, the app is free. You don’t need to pay to download it.

Q: Can I use the app without internet?
A: Yes, you can use the app offline. You don’t need the internet for it.

Q: Is it safe for kids?
A: Yes, shaking the phone is safe and the app is okay for kids. Just be sure they hold the phone well.

Q: How many instruments can I play with?
A: You get 4 different instruments in the app – an egg, shaker, tambourine, and bells.

Wrapping Up

In short, we talked about what makes Rassel a fun app. It turns your phone into a little music tool that’s simple and joyful to use. By shaking your phone, you make real instrument sounds that change as you move. Whether alone or with others, it offers both entertainment and a chance to make music.

Free Download Rassel App Android APK (Pocket Shaker)

If you like music and want something easy and fun on your phone, give the app a try. It’s a nice way to turn your phone into something new without any cost.

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You are now ready to download Rassel for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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