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Project The Outcast Game Mobile APK (Hitori No Shita) for Android

Project The Outcast Game Mobile is an exciting fighting adventure game set in a mystical world.

Name Project The Outcast Game Mobile
Publisher MoreFun Studios
Size 10 MB
Version 2.1
MOD Info Hitori No Shita
MOD Info
  • Hitori No Shita
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Enter the Mystical Martial Arts World

Project The Outcast Game Mobile APK, also known as Hitori No Shita: The Outcast, is a game that lets you fight and embark on adventures. It comes from a Chinese webcomic and has strong roots in China’s modern culture and old stories. The main character, Chou Soran, goes through a big change when he is attacked by zombies and saved by a girl named Fu Hōhō. Players get to control his actions, learn powerful fighting skills, and solve mysteries from a story full of action and magic.

Project The Outcast Game Mobile APK

Dive into Animation and Action

One of the main attractions of The Outcast Mobile APK is its animation style and action molded from the webcomic. Players can enjoy smooth combat that feels vibrant and alive because its motions have been carefully made to mirror real martial arts. This combat is not just about hitting others; it is more like a dance where timing is key. You must be quick to block or avoid attacks at just the right time.

Explore A Mystical World with Modern Twists

In Hitori No Shita The Outcast Game APK, you do not just explore the normal world; you enter a special world filled with fantasy creatures and tasks. Here, Chinese culture brings a fresh feel to places you go to and the things you do. The game invites players to move around these new places, use unique techniques in fights, and become part of gripping stories that will catch your interest.

The Outcast Mobile APK

Advanced Combat Ready to Master

Playing this game means becoming good at intricate fight moves. Timing, strategy, and skill set Project The Outcast APK apart from simple fighting games. The game offers a range of skills that you can mix for different battle styles. It’s like learning how to control every step in a complex dance routine – each movement leads to the next, creating powerful combinations during fights. Plus, there are special moments where you must act very quickly to win against tough enemies.

Winning Strategies for The Outcast Game Mobile

  1. Learn to Dodge and Block: Knowing when to avoid or stop an attack is as important as attacking. Watch your enemies closely and move out of the way or defend right before they hit you.
  2. Mix Your Moves: Don’t do the same attack many times. Change your fight style by trying different attacks so your enemies can’t guess what you’ll do next.
  3. Keep Upgrading: As you move forward in the game, make your character stronger. Improve your skills and get better gear when you can.
  4. Play at the Right Time: Some special moves need quick actions. Press the screen at the right moment to make these moves work well.
  5. Understand Your Enemy: Each enemy has a way of fighting. Learn their patterns and find their weak spots to win easier.

Hitori No Shita The Outcast Game APK

What’s Good and What’s Not


  • The animations in this game are really good, looking smooth and real.
  • It mixes cool fights with stories that make you want to know more.
  • Fighting is about skill, which makes each battle different and fun.
  • The mix of new and old Chinese elements makes for an interesting world to explore.
  • There are many styles and moves you can learn and use in fights.


  • It can be hard for players who have never played action games before.
  • Sometimes, if many people play at once, the game could slow down.
  • You might need a good phone or tablet to play without trouble.
  • Some parts of the story or fights might be confusing at first.
  • Players could spend a lot of time, or even money, becoming very strong in the game.

Looking for Something Different?

If The Outcast Game Mobile is not exactly what you’re looking for, or you just want to try something new, there are other games to choose from. Many action and adventure games are on phones now. Some let you control a hero in a large world, while others have you fight in big battles or solve puzzles. Most of these games can be found in your phone’s app store and many are free to try.

Project The Outcast APK

Questions People Often Ask

Q: Can anyone play the game?
A: Yes, if you have a phone or tablet that works with the game, you can play.

Q: Does the game cost money?
A: You can download and start playing for free. But there might be some things in the game that cost money if you want them.

Q: Do I need to know the webcomic to play?
A: No, you can enjoy the game without knowing the webcomic. But if you do know it, you might find extra stories in the game fun.

Q: Can I play with my friends?
A: Some parts of the game might let you play or connect with friends. It’s good to check inside the game to see where this is possible.

Wrapping It Up

The Outcast Game Mobile brings a special mix of action, culture, and story to your phone. Whether you’re looking for thrilling fights or a rich tale, this game offers a world full of mystery and martial arts. It fits those who love action and getting deep into a story.

Free Download Project The Outcast Game Mobile APK (Hitori No Shita)

If you’re excited about action games or stories with magic and adventures, the game could be your next favorite on your phone.

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