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NTR Legend is a mobile game blending life simulation, adventure, and puzzles around Yuzuki's life and choices.

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NTR Legend is a mobile game by GoldenBoy DEV. It mixes life simulation with adventure and puzzle-solving. The main character, Yuzuki, goes through daily tasks and interacts with other characters. Players can enjoy shopping, talking with friends, and taking on quests. The story changes based on your choices, which keeps the game fresh every time you play. With character customization and a rich storyline, NTR Legend offers a unique gaming experience.

NTR Legend Android APK


In NTR Legend APK for Android, life simulation is key. You manage Yuzuki’s daily activities from working to shopping. You also have to look after her emotional state by choosing leisure activities like reading books or going for walks. The game ensures that no two days are alike, keeping players engaged by offering a wide range of activities to choose from. Each choice you make impacts Yuzuki’s day-to-day life and the overall progression of the game.


Interacting with other characters is vital to NTR Legends APK. Yuzuki can talk, work, or even have conflicts with people like her neighbor, Kuzuwaka. These interactions don’t just affect immediate outcomes but also influence the longer story and environment. You have to be smart about your choices, as they can lead to different scenarios and endings. The game makes sure that relationships feel meaningful and essential to your journey.


NTR Legend Mobile APK includes various quests and puzzles for players to solve. Learning about Kuzuwaka’s past or uncovering hidden secrets are tasks you might encounter. These activities add an extra layer of depth and complexity to the game. They challenge you not just to manage life but also to be a problem-solver. Quests offer rewards that can help you in your daily activities or unlock new aspects of the story or character development.

NTR Legend APK for Android


Your choices shape the story of NTR Legend Android APK. The plot evolves based on what you decide for Yuzuki. Each action you take changes future events and outcomes. This branching storyline means that replaying the game results in different experiences. Yuzuki’s journey can take many routes, each with its ending depending on how you guide her through her goals and challenges in the game.


Customization lets you make Yuzuki truly your own. You can choose her outfits, skills, and even her appearance over time. Customization isn’t skin-deep; it affects gameplay and story progression. Upgrading skills can make tasks easier while new costumes may unlock special interactions or events. This feature ensures that each player’s experience will differ based on their choices. It adds another layer of personalization to the game.


  1. Collect cat snacks: These can unlock special items.
  2. Always explore: Talking to various characters regularly can reveal hidden quests.
  3. Manage the cleaning phase well: Keep the pink gauge at MAX but avoid maxing out the blue gauge.
  4. Plan your day: Prioritize tasks that bring in more rewards or move the story forward.
  5. Upgrade skills: Using in-game rewards to enhance skills makes future tasks easier.

NTR Legend Mobile APK


  • Life simulation with daily activities
  • Interactive character relationships
  • Engaging quests and puzzles
  • Dynamic, choice-driven storyline
  • Deep character customization options



  • Rich storyline
  • High replay value
  • Multiple endings
  • Interactive gameplay
  • Customizable characters


  • Can be complex for new players
  • Time-consuming progression

NTR Legends APK


If you’re looking for a mobile game with a bit of everything, give NTR Legend a try. It combines adventure, puzzle-solving, and life simulation elements in a compelling way. With many paths to explore, you’ll find something new each time you play. Download it today to start your journey with Yuzuki and see where your choices take you!

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