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Noti Progress Bar Mod APK for Android (Latest Version)

Noti Progress Bar displays your download and music progress directly on your phone's status bar. It's customizable, easy to view, and makes tracking super simple without opening apps.

Name Noti Progress Bar
Publisher Gustavo's Apps
Size 56 MB
Version 2.1
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Track Your Progress with Noti Progress Bar

Imagine you’re cooking, waiting for a file to download, or just listening to music and want to know how far along things are without opening the app. An easy look at your phone’s top bar can tell you all that, thanks to Noti Progress Bar. It’s like a speedy sneak peek into your apps’ progress.

Noti Progress Bar Mod APK

Easy Status Check

Noti’s big trick is letting you check on download, music, and timer progress right on the top status bar of your phone—that long strip where you see battery life and signal strength. You get a moving line or a circle that fills up as your task gets closer to done. This way, you can quickly see how things are going without tapping into the app. Neat, right?

Neat Look Around the Camera

Phones these days have a little camera dot on the screen. Noti Progress Bar APK Mod has a cool way to turn this into a progress circle. You can change its size and color to match your phone and make it part of your screen’s look. When you watch progress there, it feels almost magic, like the circle dances around the camera whenever stuff is happening on your phone.

DIY Style Progress Bars

Folks love making things their own, and Noti Progress Bar Mod APK gets it. You can pick if you want that moving line or circle progress guide, where on the bar it sits, and what colors it flashes. It’s like painting your room; it feels more yours when you choose the colors.

Noti Progress Bar free download

Community-Powered Updates

Noti Progress Bar free download is special because it’s open-source, which is geek-speak for “people add cool new tricks for everyone for free.” That means Noti keeps getting better because anyone who knows how to tweak apps can help improve it.

Best Tips and Tricks to Have the Best Experience

Using Noti Progress Bar Android APK can make checking on your phone’s progress bars super-duper easy. Here are nifty ways to get the most from it:

  1. Customize on First Use: When you open Noti, spend a little time picking your favorite colors and where you want the bar to pop up. This makes it totally your style.
  2. Keep it Visible: Choose bright colors or something that doesn’t blend in if your wallpaper is busy; that way, you can’t miss it!
  3. Size it Right for Your Screen: If you have that round camera spot, adjust the circle’s size just right so it fits like a glove.
  4. Use It for Downloads and Music: Keep your eyes on song changes or file downloads without having to go into the app.
  5. Keep Noti Fresh with Updates: When a new version comes out, grab it! It likely has better stuff each time.

Noti Progress Bar APK Mod

Pros and Cons


  • Super Quick Progress Looks: Glance at your phone and know how things are going—download done? Song nearly over?
  • Make It Yours: Change colors and position to make the bar look cool on your screen.
  • Fits Your Phone: Adjust the progress circle so it fits perfect around that camera spot.
  • Get Neat New Features Often: Since anyone can help make it better, smooth new stuff keeps coming.


  • Might Need Some Learning: Can take a bit of fiddling around to learn its tricks.
  • Needs Two Permissions: You gotta let it read notifications and access ‘Accessibility’ features in settings.

Alternative Apps Worth Trying

  1. Energy Ring: Turns that camera circle into a battery level indicator.
  2. PowerLine: Adds smart lines on the screen for different phone stats like battery or signals.
  3. Status: It gives more power to your status bar with extra info and notifications.
  4. Battery Bar: Shows a skinny strip that represents battery life, changing color as your phone charges.
  5. Circle Sidebar: Giver access to tweaked apps and shortcuts in one quick swipe.

Noti Progress Bar Android APK

Ending Thoughts

Noti Progress Bar is a handy pal making sure you’re always tuned into your phone’s buzz without fussing about inside apps. If watching progress bars crawl frustrates you, give Noti a whirl! It mixes techy customization with practical day-to-day use. Plus, everyone loves getting the latest gear without paying extra, right? Go ahead and download Noti Progress Bar Mod APK for Android to start managing your time like a pro today!

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  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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