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My Singing Monsters Thumpies is a family-friendly rhythm game where players tap the screen to match the beat of quirky monsters bouncing to create music.

Name My Singing Monsters Thumpies
Publisher Big Blue Bubble Inc
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Version 1.2
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Bounce to the Beat with Thumpies

My Singing Monsters Thumpies is a game where you can play along with cute monsters. They bounce around and make music. It’s like they love to jump and thump to a beat. If you enjoy tapping your feet to a rhythm, this game is full of fun for you to keep time with these little creatures. Created by Big Blue Bubble, it came out in February 2010 and was the first idea that brought us the fun world of My Singing Monsters. This game is special because you make the music come alive by tapping when the Thumpies bounce.

Thumpies My Singing Monsters APK

Play Along with the Music

One big part of My Singing Monsters Thumpies APK is playing music with the monsters. The game wants you to tap your screen right when the Thumpies land on the beat. It makes you feel like you’re part of their band, helping them play their song just right. If you tap too early or too late, the song won’t sound good. It’s important to hit that tap right on time so you can help the Thumpies and make the music sound great!

Meet a Bunch of Fun Monsters

In the game, you’ll meet lots of Thumpies. They all look different and have their own style. It’s cool to see all the crazy shapes and colors these monsters have. Some are furry, some have funny patterns, and others just look wild! As you play, you unlock more of these fun critters. Each one adds something new to the tunes you play along with. It’s exciting to see what kind of Thumpie will come bouncing along next.

Beat the Levels and Stages

MSM Thumpies APK isn’t just about bouncing and playing music; it’s also about facing challenges! The game has levels and stages for you to beat. Every stage has its own tune and requires sharp tapping skills from you. When you keep getting better, there are 17 levels filled with a total of 83 stages that will test how well you can keep up with the Thumpies’ music.

Thumpies APK

Make Tracks, Win Badges

Playing music with monsters is fun, but everyone loves to win stuff too! Thumpies APK gives you goals, like winning badges for doing great at the stages. They call them achievements here. If you try really hard, you can get a top badge called Platinum for every stage. It’s not easy, but it feels awesome when you get them because it shows everyone how good you are at keeping up with the bouncing beats!

Get Help When You Need It

Sometimes a stage in Thumpies My Singing Monsters APK can be tough and make you feel stuck. That’s okay! There’s something called Assist Mode to give you a hand. Think of it as having a friend next to you saying now! when it’s time to tap. This help is good for learning tough songs and still having fun even when it gets tricky.

Winning Ways in Thumpies Land

Playing the game is more than just tapping the screen. To truly excel, you’ll want some helpful hints. Here are five tips to master the game:

  1. Timing is Everything: Listen closely to the music and tap the moment a Thumpie hits the ground. It’s all about the beat – get that right, and the rest will follow.
  2. Learn the Patterns: Each stage has its own rhythm pattern. Play a stage a few times to learn it well.
  3. No Rush to Tap: Even though some Thumpies move quickly, don’t rush your taps. Stay calm, wait for the right beat, and then tap.
  4. Use Assist Mode Wisely: If you’re stuck, Assist Mode is there to help. Just remember, leaning on it too much might take some fun away from the challenge.
  5. Take Breaks: If you get frustrated or keep missing beats, take time away. Come back fresh and you might just nail those difficult stages.

My Singing Monsters Thumpies APK

The Good and Bad of Bouncing Beats


  • Cute monsters make it super fun to play!
  • Music in every stage is catchy; you’ll want to tap along.
  • Loads of levels keep it interesting for a long time.
  • Achievements and badges give you neat goals.


  • Some stages can get pretty hard.
  • Relying on Assist Mode may lessen your tapping skills.
  • If not careful, timing gets tricky and you might tap off-beat.
  • Might be repetitive for players who want more than rhythm games.

Alternative Apps Worth Trying

  1. Piano Tiles – Dance your fingers across piano keys to hit the right notes!
  2. Tap Tap Revenge – Hit songs play as you tap along with the music stream.
  3. Beat Hazard – A game where your music controls how tough the space battles are!
  4. Cytus – Touch the beat of over 200 songs in this sleek music game.
  5. Elite Beat Agents – Help people in trouble by nailing beats and cool moves!

MSM Thumpies APK

Final Beat: Join the Thumpies Brigade!

In conclusion, My Singing Monsters Thumpies is a catchy game that lets you make music with adorable monster pals. You bounce and tap to the rhythm, exploring lots of levels with unique tunes. Plus, trying for those cool achievements adds an extra dash of fun!

If rhythm games grab your interest, or if you love cute creatures making wonderful noises, go ahead and download My Singing Monsters Thumpies APK for Android. Dive into this bouncy musical adventure and let your taps set the tempo!

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