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In My Child Lebensborn, you raise a child in post-war Norway, navigating their difficult world. The game is a deep, story-rich experience where your choices shape a youngster's life.

Name My Child Lebensborn
Publisher Sarepta Studio
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Version 2.0.109
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Raising a War Child: The Touching Story Game

My Child Lebensborn is a video game about raising a child after World War II. In the game, you become the parent to a young kid in Norway, where people don’t like them because they were born from enemy soldiers. The game’s story comes from real things that happened and shows players how kids can get hurt by war even when it’s over. As you play, your job is to look after your child, make tough choices and help them understand their past.

My Child Lebensborn full game

Feeling Matters

In My Child Lebensborn Mod APK full version unlimited money, you have the power to shape your child’s heart and mind with each choice you make. If you choose wisely, your child will feel good and grow up strong in thinking and feeling. But if not careful, they may end up sadder or scared because of what happens around them or what people say.

Visual Clues

As a player, pay attention to subtle hints like how your child stands or looks at things – these show how your actions affect their feelings. With these clues, players can see if their choices are helping the child be happy or if it’s causing distress.

Based on Reality

With its compelling storyline pulled from true tales of wartime children, My Child Lebensborn full game offers more than entertainment; it gives insight into some deep parts of history that still touch us today through generations.

My Child Lebensborn Mod APK

Wise Use of Time & Resources

Balancing worklife with family time touches every part of gameplay in скачать полную версию My Child Lebensborn APK. Money is short so picking between earning more cash vs spending time doing fun stuff together becomes tough but unforgettable experiences for both yourself as caregiver-player and for your adopted boy/girl character.

Adopting & Supporting Through Life

Players can pick whether they want a little boy or girl in the starting moments before walking side by side with him/her through challenges that form an important year maybe one full packed with growth changes both sweetie-smile-memory kinds as well heavy ones loaded against backdrop freedom celebrations out there in bigger world scene post-warfare times.

Useful Tips for My Child Lebensborn

  1. Plan Well: Balance is key. Make sure you’re dividing your time well between making money and spending quality time with your child. Neglecting either can have negative effects on the child’s well-being.
  2. Watch for Clues: Your child’s behavior will tell you a lot. If they start acting out or looking sad, it might be time to change how you’re handling things.
  3. Be Prepared for Tough Talks: Your child will have questions, and how you answer them can really change their outlook on life. Getting ready for these chats means thinking about what values you want to teach.
  4. Save Some Money: Sometimes unexpected things come up and having some cash saved can help you out of a tricky spot without missing much-needed time with your child.
  5. Revisit Memories: The game lets you keep a journal, which you can use to remember the good times. This isn’t just fun; it might help when the child is feeling down.

My Child Lebensborn Mod APK full version unlimited money

Pros and Cons


  • Teaches important history through play
  • Creates deep emotional attachment with the game’s child
  • Encourages thoughtful decision-making
  • Offers beautiful graphics and many activities


  • Can be emotionally heavy, not a light game
  • Balancing time and resources can be stressful

Alternative Games

  1. Papers, Please: A game about making tough choices at border control.
  2. Life is Strange: Offers choices and consequence in a story-driven experience.
  3. This War of Mine: You ensure survival in a war-torn city.
  4. Beholder: You’re a landlord in a totalitarian state making moral choices.
  5. The Sims FreePlay: While less story-heavy, you nurture and help virtual people grow.

скачать полную версию My Child Lebensborn APK

Should You Get My Child Lebensborn?

My Child Lebensborn is powerful in showing life after wartime through the eyes of a child you take care of. If you like games with strong stories, this might be for you. The game is not just about fun; it opens a window to understand history and the effects of hate. The new activities and improved graphics make the game better, but it’s not for people looking for a quick, happy play. Want to learn, feel, and think deeply while playing? Download the game and start the journey.

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