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Mech Arena is an action-packed PVP shooter game where players pilot custom mechs in competitive team battles.

Name Mech Arena
Publisher Plarium Global Ltd
Size 189 MB
Version 3.80.15
MOD Info Unlimited Coins Credits
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  • Unlimited Coins Credits
  • Unlimited Money and Gems
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Mech Arena: Robot Showdowns and Strategic Battles Await

Enter the world of Mech Arena. It’s a place where you can battle others in massive mechanical robots, also known as mechs. This game puts you and your robot against players from around the globe. The fights are fast. Get your friends or make new ones as you team up or fight against them.

Mech Arena Mod APK

Build Your Mech Army

In Mech Arena Mod APK, creating your dream team of mechs is a big part of the fun. There are over 25 unique mechs to choose from, and you can fit them with over 90 weapons. Think about what kind of fighter you want to be. You can make your mech fast, strong, or really good at defending. With over a thousand skins, your mech can also look very cool.

Ready for Action? Game Modes!

Mech Arena Mod APK unlimited coins credits latest version has many ways to play. If you like chaos, ‘Free-For-All’ is all about every mech for itself. ‘Control Point Clash’ asks you to be smart and take over parts of the map. For team players, there’s ‘5v5’ or ‘2v2 Deathmatch’. The game finds who you will play with quickly, so you get right into action.

Maps that Challenge You

Mech Arena Mod APK unlimited money has over 35 maps. Each one is different. Some look like underground places with lots of art. Others are bright stadiums or deserts with lots of sand. There are even space maps! Some maps help certain fighting styles more than others. Try them all and find out which ones you do best in.

Mech Arena Mod APK all robots unlocked

Play Together with Friends Everywhere

Players on phones and players on big screens like computers – everyone can play together in Mech Arena Mod APK all robots unlocked. The game lets you use the same account for your phone and computer. That means you can play anytime, anywhere. Get an even bigger view on your computer if you like things intense with sharper aiming like in FPS games.

Special Power-ups for Your Mech

In battle, you have special tricks to help win. Use jammers to stop enemies from seeing right. Smash into bad guys to make their mechs fall apart. Fly high with jump jets to find a great spot to shoot from. There are shields, healing areas, mines, and so much more. Using these abilities smart can lead you to victory.

Teamwork and Tactics

Working together with your team is a sure way to win. Share your game plans before you start. Protect each other and find smart ways to beat the other team. Use voice chat to talk in real time. Check where your team is and help if they are in trouble. Always move around so you won’t get hit easily.

Useful Tips for Mech Arena

  1. Know Your Mech: Learn what your mech can do. Some are fast, some are tough, and some have great weapons. Pick the one that fits how you want to play.
  2. Learn The Maps: Every map is different. Some have hiding spots, some have wide open spaces. Play them all to learn the best spots to fight from.
  3. Work With Your Team: Fighting together is better than fighting alone. Stick with your friends and make game plans to win.
  4. Use Your Abilities Right: Each mech has its own special power. Use it at the best time to turn a fight around.
  5. Upgrade Wisely: Getting your mech stronger is good, but think about how you are doing it. Some upgrades may fit your style better than others.

Mech Arena Mod APK unlimited coins credits latest version

Pros and Cons


  • Lots of mechs and weapons to mix and match.
  • Easy to start playing on phones or computers.
  • Fun maps that make each fight different.
  • You can play anytime, even without wifi.


  • Sometimes, the game might lag or be slow if your internet isn’t strong.
  • It takes time to build strong mechs without paying.

Alternative Games Worth Trying

  1. War Robots Multiplayer Battles: It’s all about big battles with six-player teams.
  2. Battle of Titans: Mech fights with a real-life feel.
  3. HAWK – Freedom Squadron: Instead of mechs, fly planes together with friends.
  4. Titanfall: Assault: A mix of fast fights and clever planning using cards.
  5. Robokrieg – Robot War Online: Simple robot wars you can get into quick.

Mech Arena Mod APK unlimited money

Ending Thoughts

Mech Arena is lots of fun for anyone who likes robots and quick fights against other players. Building your mechs, learning the maps, and playing with friends can be a great time. If you love fast battles and cool robots, give it a try! Download Mech Arena Mod APK for Android today– it’s ready for you to jump right into the arena!

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