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Little Nightmares 2 Mobile is a scary puzzle game where you help a boy named Mono and his friend Six. They go through dark places and face big scary creatures.

Name Little Nightmares 2
Publisher Playdigious
Size 80 MB
Version 2.2.4
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Exploring the World of Little Nightmares 2 Mobile

Little Nightmares 2 Mobile APK is a mystery and horror game. It lets you play as a boy named Mono. You are in a strange place, full of scary things and puzzles. The game is before Little Nightmares, another game from before. You must work with Six, another character, to stay alive. The world is called the Pale City, and it hides dark secrets.

This game came out in February 2021. You can play it on many different machines like computers and game consoles. And recently launched the mobile version for Android. People liked this game a lot. They said it looks good, feels scary, has fun play, and the sounds are very good. But some did not like how it was hard to control sometimes and there were mistakes that were not supposed to be there.

Little Nightmares 2 Mobile APK

Entering the Puzzling World

Little Nightmares 2 APK puts you in a place that looks 3D but is more simple. You can move back and front, left and right. Your job is to explore. Sometimes you jump or climb like in other games where you control a person to go through levels. Puzzles might stop you, so you need to solve them to keep going.

You are not all alone in this game. Mono can pick up things to break other things or fight small scary creatures. As Mono can be seen or caught by bigger scary creatures easily, hiding or running away works best most of the time.

Your friend Six helps you too. You can call her and hold her hand to move together. To win, you both need to think and work as one team.

In the game, you can find special hats for Mono to wear and ghost-like shadows called glitching remains. If you get all of these shadows, you see something secret at the end.

Teamwork with Six

In Little Nightmares II, teamwork is very important because many puzzles require both Mono and Six to solve them together. For example, sometimes to use a big weapon far away, both have to help.

Mono needs Six because she helps find ways and she knows a lot about the world they are in. Six has been here for longer, so she knows secrets that help Mono.

Their goal is big – to reach a place called the Signal Tower. There lies the cause of all the bad things happening.

Six grows weaker in this dark place, so Mono must be brave and clever to face enemies and solve problems of the Signal Tower.

Little Nightmares 2 Android APK

Facing Your Fears

The scary parts of Little Nightmares 2 Android APK stand out. It’s not just about escaping what’s after you-it is also about how scary everything feels.

Things look scary because they are large compared to Mono and Six, like teachers or hunters who really don’t want you around.

You move through spooky forests and bad schools which make you feel alone and worried about what’s next.

The story is about fighting fears while trying to fix something very wrong with their world infused with evil from the TVs around them.

Players will feel like they’re in a suspense-filled movie where each step could be very dangerous.

Best Tips and Tricks for Playing Little Nightmares 2 Mobile

  1. Stay Quiet and Hidden: Scary creatures find you by sound or sight. Walk slowly, hide under things, and wait until it’s safe to move. This keeps you alive longer.
  2. Look at Everything: Items or places in the game might be hints for puzzles. Find all you can and use your brain to think of how to use them.
  3. Use Light Wisely: In dark places, Mono’s flashlight helps, but light can also show where you are. So use it only when you need to.
  4. Take Your Time: You don’t need to rush. Go slow, plan how to go through without being caught, and make sure not to miss any hidden things.
  5. Keep Trying: If a place is very hard, it’s okay. Every time you try again, you understand more about how to win.

Little Nightmares 2 APK

Pros and Cons


  • Good Graphics: The game looks very nice.
  • Scary: Gives real feels of horror.
  • Puzzles: Makes you think and are fun when solved.
  • Sound: Sounds add lots to scary feels.


  • Hard Controls: Sometimes it is tricky to move Mono the way you want.
  • Glitches: Little mistakes sometimes happen in the game – places Mono gets stuck or when moving things around does not work right.
  • Short Game: Some players find this game ends too quickly.
  • Fighting Can Be Tough: With bigger creatures, fighting is often not the best way out.


If you like Little Nightmares 2 Mobile, there are other games you might enjoy. These games also let you solve puzzles and feel scared. One game is called Playdead Inside. It’s also a puzzle game with scary parts but without fighting. Another game is Limbo. It’s a shadowy, silent world and very scary too.

Little Nightmares 2 APK free download

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does it take to finish the game?
    It’s different for everyone, but it can take around five to six hours.
  2. Is Little Nightmares 2 Mobile too scary for kids?
    Yes, maybe. It is best for older people because it has many scary parts.
  3. Can I play with my friends?
    No, this game is only played by one person at a time.
  4. Do I need to play the first Little Nightmares to understand this one?
    It helps but is not needed. The story of the second game happens before the first game’s story.


Little Nightmares 2 Mobile takes you on a dark journey full of puzzles and frights. It is well made and scares in a good way. But be ready for some hard-to-do controls and mistakes that might be annoying. Finish the game, and you feel like you really did something big.

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