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Ice War Mod APK for Android (Latest Version)

Ice War challenges you to rule a city, fight historical battles, and survive a frigid landscape.

Name Ice War
Publisher ZPtechnology
Size 103 MB
MOD Info Unlimited Everything, Resource and Money
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  • Latest Version
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Resource and Money
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Command Your Way Through History!

Ice War is a new game where you get to be a leader in ancient times. The game is set in a place with lots of snow and ice. Your job is to help your people survive the cold and fight enemies. You make decisions, build things, and get soldiers ready for battle. The fun part is thinking of plans and winning wars. Also, you get to feel like you are in history because the game looks special with cartoon art.

Ice War Mod APK for Android

Take Charge as County Magistrate

In Ice War Mod APK unlimited everything, you play as a big boss of a town. It’s your duty to look after your people and keep them safe from the cold. You’ll also lead them in battles against other armies. Being a leader means using your brain to make good plans. You’re not just fighting; you’re also making sure your people can live through winter.

Build and Manage Your City

Making your city great is an important part of Ice War Mod APK unlimited resource. Start with a little town and grow it into a big city. You’ll build houses, places for farming, and spots where soldiers can train. Running your city is like a puzzle find the best way to set everything up so your town can make money and food.

Plan Your Strategies

Fighting in Ice War Mod APK unlimited money needs clever thinking. There are many ways you can battle, and every choice changes the game. Find smart ways to use your soldiers; maybe fast cavalry or strong warriors – it’s on you! Winning fights gives your city more power.

Ice War Mod APK unlimited everything

Fight the Cold

The winter in Ice War Mod APK for Android is another enemy you must face. It’s tough living there with all the snow and ice. Use your skills to keep your city warm and your food from freezing. This makes the game even more exciting because you must deal with the weather too.

Heroes of History

You won’t be alone in Ice War. The game has heroes from old stories of China’s Three Kingdoms. These heroes have special skills that can help you win fights or fix up your city faster. Remember old heroes? Now you can team up with them!

Make Allies and Trade

Making friends is also key in Ice War. Chat with other leaders and make deals. This can get you cool stuff that your city needs or extra help in big fights. Trading is like a tool use it to build a stronger town and army by swapping things you have for things you need.

Ice War Mod APK unlimited money

Useful Tips for Ice War Players

  1. Keep your city warm: Build fires and shelters to fight the cold.
  2. Save food: Plan how you use food so you don’t run out.
  3. Choose heroes wisely: Pick heroes who match your fighting style.
  4. Be social: Make friends with other players for more fun and help.
  5. Mix up strategy: Change your war plans often so enemies can’t guess them.

Pros and Cons


  • Fun leadership role as magistrate
  • Challenging weather system adds thrill
  • Heroes add special skills to gameplay
  • Trading and alliances offer depth


  • May be complex for new players
  • Dealing with the winter can be hard

Ice War Mod APK unlimited resource


In Ice War, you get a mix of history, battle, and weather. If you enjoy planning and leading, this game will surely give you a good time. With heroes by your side and your own city to rule, each day in the game is packed with action. So why wait? Get Ice War now on your phone and start making your own story in a cool world filled with snow, ice, and adventure!

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