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Hollow Knight is an action-packed 2D adventure where you explore a vast, mysterious kingdom, fight tough creatures, collect unique abilities, and uncover ancient secrets.

Name Hollow Knight
Publisher Team Cherry
Size 856 MB
Version 20.10.2024
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Journey into Hallownest

Hollow Knight invites you to the fallen kingdom of Hallownest, where mystery and adventure await. In this 2D game, you play as the Knight, facing foes, making friends with various bugs, and uncovering secrets. It’s beautifully drawn and full of challenging action. Along your path, expect twists, boss fights, and new abilities that shape your experience in vast underground lands.

Hollow Knight Mobile APK

Discover a Vast World

Big world of Hollow Knight APK is full of different places, from dark caves to forgotten cities. Each place you explore is fresh, full of life, and tightly connected with paths that lead to more adventure. As you make your way through the risky areas and fight to move on, this world will always have another surprise waiting for you.

Master Combat and Abilities

Fighting skills are key; as the Knight, you need to jump, dodge, and fight enemies. Each battle tests your skills, and every enemy has its own challenge. As you move forward, you get stronger with new spells and cool moves like flying or dashing quickly. You can change up your abilities too; whatever makes your quest feel right for you.

Collect Charms and Secrets

Charms are special items in Hollow Knight Android APK that give you powers unique to the Knight. Wear them and do things like move faster or hit harder. The game is not just about fighting—there’s a lot to find out. Use the Dream Nail to learn more about the characters you meet and the land of Hallownest.

Hollow Knight APK MediaFire

Music and Visuals that Captivate

Hollow Knight Mobile APK holds a lovely score that plays as you dive deeper into its world, setting the tone for every part of your journey. And it’s not only the music; the game is like an artwork that comes to life with each room having depth and detail. It shows off an old world’s glory and sadness at the same time.

Updates and Extensions

Hollow Knight APK MediaFire keeps growing with updates that bring in new quests, enemies, and areas to explore. Each adds to the story with fresh challenges like Godmaster’s new gods to face or The Grimm Troupe’s haunting quest. These updates make the game even bigger and keep the adventure going strong with more for you to discover.

Useful Tips for Hollow Knight

  1. Start with getting the map and quill. These will help you not get lost.
  2. Take your time to explore around. There can be hidden paths or helpful items.
  3. Learn how enemies move and attack. It’ll make it easier to beat them.
  4. Don’t forget to rest at benches. They save your game and heal you up.
  5. Try different charms. Some charms work better for how you play.

Hollow Knight APK

Pros and Cons


  • Lovely hand-drawn art makes the world exciting to look at.
  • The music fits perfect with each part of the game, making it feel real.
  • Lots of spots to see and secrets to find keeps it fun for a long time.
  • Challenging fights give a real sense of achievement when you win.


  • Can be hard at times which might not be fun for everyone.
  • With so much to explore, it might feel too big for some players.

Alternative Games Worth Trying

  1. Ori and the Blind Forest: A beautiful adventure with great story and puzzles.
  2. Dead Cells: Fast action and lots of ways to play each time you start over.
  3. Axiom Verge: Explore and fight in a world with an ancient, sci-fi feel.
  4. Guacamelee!: Bright colors and cool moves in a world inspired by Mexico.
  5. Celeste: Climb up a tricky mountain while facing personal challenges.

Hollow Knight Android APK

Wrapping Up the Knight’s Tale

Hollow Knight is an adventure full of secrets with something new each step of the way. It’s perfect for players who love exploring and overcoming tough battles. If this sounds like your kind of game, grab your sword and step into Hallownest! Every player makes their own special story, so download Hollow Knight for Android and start yours now.

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