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In Hello Neighbor 2, play as a detective in a spooky town solving the mystery of a missing kid. Sneak past smart neighbors, use clues and outwit clever AI to uncover secrets.

Name Hello Neighbor 2
Publisher tinyBuild
Size 1.13 GB
Version 1.5
MOD Info Alpha 2
MOD Info
  • Mobile Version
  • Alpha 2
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Sneak Around and Solve the Big Mystery in a Spooky Town

Hello Neighbor 2 is a spooky game where you become a reporter diving into a mysterious town called Raven Brooks. A kid has gone missing, and it’s your job to explore and uncover secrets. You’ll sneak around, trying not to get caught by sharp-witted characters using really smart computer thinking to stop you. Each place you visit is like a new puzzle to solve.

Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 2 APK

Open World Exploration

The big space of Raven Brooks awaits you in Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 2 APK. No gates or fences block your way; every house is an adventure that feels different. You can roam around, peek into homes, and find hidden spots to help you figure out what’s going on.

Meet the New Neighbors

In this town, curious characters are all around, each with their own story. These aren’t just regular folks— they think for themselves and can surprise you! Get to know them but be careful; they might not be happy to see a nosy reporter.

Outsmart the AIs

You must think smartly to beat Hello Neighbor 2 APK OBB! Use what you find, like say a box or a key, mix it up with special spots in the town or jump and climb skills to crack tricky puzzles. It’s like putting together parts of a hidden message.

Hello Neighbor 2 APK OBB

Advanced AI

Imagine playing hide-and-seek with someone who learns your every move – welcome to Hello Neighbor 2 Mobile APK! The game’s smart AI keeps track of what you do and gets better at finding you. It makes each step thrilling as you try to stay one step ahead.

Solve the Mystery

You play as Quentin, the searching reporter. Dive deep into the gone kid’s case and search for clues everywhere in quaint yet strange Raven Brooks. Can you put together all pieces of this mystery? Your notebook and camera are your best friends here!

Multi-platform Availability

Grab your controllers or mouse! You can play Hello Neighbor 2 on many things— computers big and small (PCs), Phone (Android and iOS), PlayStations (PS4 and PS5), or Xboxes (Xbox One and Series S/X). No matter where you play, adventure and scares await!

Useful Tips for Playing Hello Neighbor 2

  1. Stay Stealthy: Always move quietly and hide when you can. The AI is really good at catching you if they hear or see you.
  2. Pay Attention to Patterns: Watch how the characters move and act. This will help you figure out the best way to go around them without getting caught.
  3. Use Objects Smartly: Lots of things can be picked up and used in different ways. Try mixing items together or using them in unusual places.
  4. Plan Your Moves: Don’t rush! Think about each step because running in without a plan might lead you to trouble.
  5. Keep Trying: If one way does not work, try another! Don’t give up. Sometimes trial and error is the best way to learn the game.

Hello Neighbor 2 Mobile APK

Pros and Cons


  • Very big, open world to explore.
  • Clever AI makes the game fresh each time.
  • Different puzzles keep the game exciting.
  • Can be played on many devices.


  • Sometimes it’s tough to guess what to do next.
  • The AI may be too tricky for new players.

Alternative Games

  1. Outlast: Another scary game where hiding is key!
  2. Five Nights at Freddy’s: A classic spooky game with lots of jumpscares.
  3. Bendy and the Ink Machine: Solve puzzles while avoiding cartoon nightmares.
  4. Resident Evil Village: Biohazard: More horror and survival with a strong story.
  5. Little Nightmares: A dark adventure filled with tricky puzzles.

Hello Neighbor 2 Mod APK

Final Thoughts

Hello Neighbor 2 offers a curious mix of scares, stories, and head-scratching moments perfect for those who love a hair-raising challenge. Get ready for sneaky maneuvers, smart computer brains that learn your style, and mysteries that make you think hard—all set in an open world ready for your footsteps! Are you brave enough? Download Hello Neighbor 2 Mod APK now and start your spine-chilling investigation into Raven Brooks’ deepest secret!

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