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GTA SA Cleo is a mobile game where you step into the shoes of CJ, exploring cities, completing missions, and diving deep into the life of crime in a vast open-world setting.

Name GTA SA Cleo
Publisher AB Software
Size 496 KB
Version 2.00
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Jump into a World of Crime: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Imagine a place where you can be a bad guy. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTA SA) is that place. It’s a game where you play as Carl Johnson (CJ), who returns to his hometown only to find trouble. From car stealing to fighting with gangs, you’ll face the law and baddies alike. With big cities to explore and many ways to play, this game sends players on a cool crime adventure.

GTA SA Cleo Mods APK

Freedom to Roam

One of the coolest things about GTA SA Cleo Mod APK is that you can go anywhere. It has three big cities to check out. You can run, drive, fly, and even swim! Want to climb a big mountain? Go ahead. Feel like jumping off with a parachute? Yep, that’s possible too. Your choice—be good or make a mess. But watch out for the police!

Missions and Challenges

Sure, roaming is fun, but the true adventure comes from missions. You help CJ face many tough times to fix his family’s problems and become the boss of the streets. There are all kinds of missions—from driving fast cars in races to stealing money and battling other gangs. With plenty of hard, exciting tasks, you won’t be bored.

Make CJ Cool

In GTA SA Cleo Mods APK, you’re not stuck with one look for CJ. You can change his muscles, how much he can breathe under water, and even make him more charming. Giving him cool clothes or different hair makes him look like a real deal on those streets.


That Amazing Music

Driving around San Andreas gets better with some tunes. Cleo GTA San Andreas Android nails it with awesome music that fits the whole crime vibe. From hip-hop beats to rock tunes—it’s got it all. While you cruise through the city in a stolen car, the soundtrack makes you feel like you’re in a movie.

Game Design and Look

Now let’s talk about how this world looks and feels. Even though San Andreas came out years ago, it still has colors and pictures that look nice on phones now. The folks who made the game tweaked it so that everything looks pretty sharp, even if it’s not as new-looking as other games today.

Useful Tips for GTA SA Cleo

Here are some helpful hints to make you the coolest criminal in Cleo Mod GTA SA Android:

  1. Smart Saving: Before trying something risky, save your game. You never know when you might run into trouble!
  2. Buff Up CJ: Hit the gym and pump some iron. Making CJ stronger is not just for looks; it helps in fights.
  3. Respect the Budget: Money can run out fast. Steal cars instead of buying them and look for ways to earn money.
  4. Load Up on Eats: Keep CJ’s health full by eating right. But don’t overdo it, or he’ll slow down.
  5. Stay Equipped: Weapons are key for tough spots. Always have a piece tucked away just in case.

Cleo Mod GTA SA Android

Pros and Cons


  • Huge World to Play In: You’ve got lots of room to explore in San Andreas.
  • Lots to Do: With tons of missions and extras, boredom is not a thing.
  • Cool Makeover Options: Changing CJ’s style is fun and makes the game feel personal.
  • Sweet Tunes: The music really sets the mood for your adventures.


  • Old-school Graphics: Compared to new games, it looks a bit out-of-date.
  • Less Story for Some Characters: Not all pals or enemies in the game get much of a backstory.

Cleo GTA San Andreas Android

Ending Thoughts

GTA SA Cleo packs so much into one game that’s hard to pass up. Wild missions, big cities, changing styles—there’s plenty for everyone who digs action games. If you’re ready for big fun as a pretend bad guy, why not try San Andreas? So go on, grab your phone, download GTA SA Cleo Mod APK for Android, and take over the streets!

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