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GTA 4 APK with OBB (Full Version, No Verification) for Android

GTA 4 is a video game set in a big city. You play as Niko Bellic, who tries to start a new life while facing criminals. It's an action game with missions and free exploring

Name GTA 4 Mobile
Publisher Rockstar North
Size 393 MB
Version 2.2
MOD Info Full Version, No Verification
MOD Info
  • Full Version, No Verification
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Why should I play GTA 4?

You should play GTA 4 if you like exciting stories and free-world games where you can go anywhere. You become Niko, living his life, making choices that change the story, and doing various missions. This game lets you explore a big city, drive cars, and meet different people.

Even though the game came out some years ago, it’s still fun with lots to do. It mixes a good story with freedom to do things your way. You can follow the story or just have fun in the city.

GTA 4 Android APK

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Key Features

Open World Freedom: The game’s world is huge and open for you to discover. You can walk, drive cars, or swim in three big areas of Liberty City. As you play more, new parts of the city unlock.

Interesting Story and Characters: You will follow Niko’s life story full of interesting people and events that change depending on what you choose to do. Some characters even help you with things like free taxi rides.

Action and Adventure: Fights, car drives, and secret missions fill this game. You can aim at enemies with guns, or use your hands or explosions. Hiding for cover helps during fights.

Choices and Results: Your choices in the game affect how the story goes forward. The choices can be hard, but they make your experience special.

Multiplayer Games: Beyond playing alone, you can also play online with others in different matches where you work together or play against each other up to 32 players.

GTA 4 APK download for Android

Best Tips for GTA 4

Understand the Map: Learn about the city’s layout. Knowing where things are saves time.

Use the Taxi Service: Niko’s cousin runs a taxi service. It helps you move around fast.

Stay Healthy and Safe: Eat food or get medkits to fill your health. Wear armor for protection.

Use Cover in Fights: Hide behind things in gunfights. It keeps you safe from enemies’ bullets.

Earn Money for Upgrades: Complete jobs and side quests to earn money. Use it to get better weapons and save game progress.

Play Side Missions: Don’t just do the main story. Side missions are fun and give extra things.

Manage the Wanted Level: Avoid too much trouble with police. Lay low to make the wanted level go down.

Make Friends Carefully: Some people offer helpful things, but others can cause trouble.

Watch In-Game TV Tips: Sometimes the TV inside the game gives helpful advice.

Save Often: Save game progress so you don’t lose what you’ve done if you stop playing.

GTA 4 Mobile APK

Pros and Cons


  • Good Storytelling: The game tells an interesting story that changes with your choices.
  • Big Open World: Lots of space to explore with freedom to go almost anywhere anytime.
  • Different Activities: Many kinds of jobs, races, and games within GTA 4.
  • Fun Gameplay Mechanics: Driving, shooting, walking, all feel good to control.
  • Online Multiplayer: Play with other people in different ways up to 32 players can play together.


  • Audio Problems Sometimes: Cutscene talking might stop working now and then but not much.
  • Older Graphics: Because it’s not a new game, visuals might look dated compared to newer games.
  • Sometimes Clunky Controls: Certain actions or moves can feel awkward or slow.
  • Long Loading Times: It may take a while for the game to start or load new areas.

Alternatives for GTA 4

There are other games like “Saints Row” where you also do missions and explore.

Watch Dogs 2” is about a story in a city too.

“Just Cause” is another game about action and adventure in an open world.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play on a mobile phone?
Not really, GTA 4 isn’t made for phones.

How long is the game?

Main story takes many hours, and with extra things, even longer.

Does the game have music?
Yes, lots of radio stations with different kinds of music as you drive cars.

Do I need the internet to play?
Only for downloading or online multiplayer, otherwise no.

Can I change how my character looks?
You can’t change Niko’s look much but can change clothes.


GTA 4 is a fun game with lots to see and do. You can live as Niko in the game’s city and choose how you want to play. Good story and free playing make this game still worth trying.

Free Download GTA 4 APK with OBB (Full Version, No Verification)

If this sounds like fun, get the game to see and do all of these things yourself! Explore Liberty City, decide what happens next, and enjoy the thrilling world of GTA 4!

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