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GTA 2 is a video game where you play as a bad guy in a big city. You do jobs for crime groups and cause trouble. It is the second game in its series and was made by DMA Design.

Name GTA 2
Publisher Rockstar North
Size 10 MB
Version 2.0
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Why should I play GTA 2?

Grand Theft Auto 2 (GTA 2) lets you be free in a big city. Great for people who like action and big open worlds, where they can go anywhere. You do fun tasks for different groups and feel adventure. When you play, you can steal cars, chase other bad guys, and run from police. The game is good because it has many things to do, like saving points by paying money at the church or changing your car with special things.

The game is also good because it shows a cool city called “Anywhere City” and has night and day times. It even brings some new things that were not in the first game, like helping one group makes another group not like you anymore. So you need to think about who you help. You should play GTA 2 if you want fun, challenges, freedom, and to see how things were made in games from before.

GTA 2 APK for Android

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Key Features

One main thing about GTA 2 is its points system. You play to get points by doing bad things. Like ruining cars, selling them, or doing special work for crime groups. When you get more points, your rank goes up, and police chase you more.

Another feature is the big world called “Anywhere City.” It has three parts – downtown, where shops are; residential, where people live; and industrial, where factories are. These parts have their own look and tasks to try.

Next is the work system with groups. There are three crime groups and each does different things from the others. When you do tasks for one group, they like you more but make an enemy with another group – this affects what tasks you can do next.

There’s also how stuff in the city works with each other. Cars and people act more true to life than before – for example, crime people will fight police on their own without you doing anything.

Finally, there’s extra stuff around the world to find and do. These are little bonus things they put across the map to give players extra points or fun surprises when they are found. Besides doing tasks for groups, players can also take on smaller jobs like driving taxis or trucks just for extra fun or points.

GTA 2 Android

Best Tips for GTA 2

To get ahead in GTA 2, first, learn the city layout. Know where to hide from police and find quick paths. Use the mini-map and follow yellow arrows for tasks.

Next, balance your group tasks. Helping one group may upset another, so choose your friends carefully. Don’t make all groups angry or it’s tough to move on.

Save your game often. Go to the church and save, it takes points but keeps progress safe.

Consider cop attention. The more bad things you do, the more they chase you. Use payphones to lower their chase or repaint cars to sneak around.

Finally, take your time finding extra items like guns or hidden tokens. These give more points and tools to use.

Remember: know the city, pick group tasks wisely, save progress, be smart with police attention, explore for bonuses.

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Pros and Cons


  • Open world to explore with lots of freedom.
  • Different criminal tasks offer varied gameplay.
  • Dynamic gang respect system impacts who you ally with or fight against.
  • Lots of hidden extras keep the game exciting.
  • Police chase system adds challenge and strategy.
  • Save anytime feature allows players to secure their progress.
  • Distinct city districts each provide a unique experience.
  • Interactive environment with lively pedestrians and traffic.
  • Vehicle modifications add a creative touch to gameplay.


  • Graphics may look old compared to new games.
  • Controls could feel hard for some players.
  • Setting is not clear – is it the future or now?
  • Some find it too much like the first game without new changes.
  • Losing your items if arrested or blown up can be frustrating.
  • Crime activity can make play feel repetitive over time.


If GTA 2 is not what you want, other games are alike.

“Saints Row 2” is crazy fun with its own style.

“Sleeping Dogs” gives action and an open world in a place like Hong Kong.

“Just Cause” series lets you do stunts and big damage in nice islands.

“Mafia II” tells a strong crime story in an old-time city. These games give similar thrills with their own twists.



GTA 2 is an exciting crime game with freedom and many things to do. It still pleases fans even though newer games are out. For those who love open worlds and getting to choose their path in a retro gaming feel, it’s worth a try. Those liking new graphics may look elsewhere, but GTA 2 still offers fun and challenge.

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Eager for action and free exploring? Grab the game now! Dive into “Anywhere City,” face thrilling chases, and make your mark on the criminal world.

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