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Graveyard Keeper APK for Android (Full Game, No Mod)

In Graveyard Keeper, you run a medieval cemetery, tangle with ethics, craft items, and delve into hidden tales with a blend of dark humor.

Name Graveyard Keeper
Publisher tinyBuild
Size 209 MB
Version 1.129.3
MOD Info Full Version, DLC Unlocked
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  • Full Version, DLC Unlocked
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Manage a Cemetery with Mystery and Humor

Graveyard Keeper is a special game where you take care of a graveyard. Your job is to keep your graveyard nice, but there’s more! You will farm, build things, and make hard choices. It might be a game about a dark place, but it’s also funny and asks you what’s right or wrong. Players will find a big story with secrets and explore around to see what else they can do. If you like games where you manage places or story rich games, this is for you.

Graveyard Keeper APK DLC Unlocked

Graveyard Management

Being in charge of the graveyard is the main part of Graveyard Keeper APK full version. You look after bodies and put them in the ground. Each body has red and white marks that show how good it is. You’ll need to take care of bodies right away to keep your graveyard looking great. Making the graves nice will also make your place better and help you do well in the game.

Crafting and Building

In Graveyard Keeper APK for Android, building is a big deal. As you play, you will learn new ways to make things which are shown in the technology tree. With seven areas, like building, praying, and making metal things, you begin with these skills. You gather stuff from around you and turn them into new items you need or for quests.

Ethical Choices and Quests

Graveyard Keeper APK No Mod puts you in tough spots where you have to choose what’s okay to do. You’ll even have quests that ask questions like if it’s right to sell organs from bodies for money. The story takes you on adventures, even falling in love along the way. So it’s up to you to decide how to run your graveyard business.

Graveyard Keeper APK for Android

Interaction with Others

In Graveyard Keeper APK DLC Unlocked, people can really help you progress. There’s a number of different characters in this story who only show up on certain days. Manage your time well to meet them so they can help move your story forward. Plus their talk mixes dark humor with tips on what you should do next in the game.

Exploring Your World

There’s more than just looking after your graveyard. This land has mysteries tucked away, like hidden dungeons filled with treasure. Getting out there gets you different materials that could be used in alchemy or might hurt people if not careful. So go on quests or go fish – there’s plenty to keep you busy exploring.

Technology Trees and Skills

As you manage your graveyard, the technology trees are very important. They are like maps that show you how to unlock new things as you play. You start by learning about building, praying, and metalworking. By doing good work and earning points, you can unlock more skills and become even better at your tasks. This helps you to do bigger projects and grow your graveyard into a successful place

Graveyard Keeper APK full version

Useful Tips for Graveyard Keeper Players

  1. Time Management: Always remember that certain people only visit on some days. Plan your tasks so you don’t miss meeting these helpful friends.
  2. Keep the graveyard tidy: Pay attention to the body marks to ensure the graveyard stays nice. Bad condition bodies can bring down your graveyard’s rating.
  3. Use the technology tree: Really use it to know what skills to get next because it makes a big difference in what you can do.
  4. Explore wisely: Look around everywhere! Each corner of the land might have useful materials for your crafting needs or parts for quests.
  5. Save up points early: At first, keep points so you can open up important parts of the technology tree, which will help a lot as the game gets harder.

Pros and Cons


  • Lots of things to do including crafting, managing, and making big decisions.
  • Funny talks with characters in the game with dark humor.
  • Let’s you choose how to solve problems, giving lots of freedom
  • A detailed world with fun places to find when exploring.


  • Can be hard to know what you should do next.
  • Might be a bit too dark or weird for some players.

Graveyard Keeper APK No Mod

Final Thoughts

Graveyard Keeper is full of surprises with odd jobs and big secrets. It lets you really decide how you want your game to go while giving a good laugh with its dark humor every now and then. If you’re ready for a different kind of adventure game that will keep your mind sharp, go ahead and get Graveyard Keeper. See if you can manage a funny but sometimes tricky graveyard and make it into a place that really stands out!

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