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Granny Remake APK (Mobile Game) 3.2.0 for Android

Granny Remake is a scary mobile game. You must escape from a house while being quiet to stay away from Granny. The game is like a dark puzzle full of fear.

Name Granny Remake
Publisher Ferrite Labs
Size 56 MB
Version 3.2.0
MOD Info Mobile Game
MOD Info
  • Mobile Game
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Key Features

Escape Missions

The game asks you to get out of Granny’s house. This house is big and has many rooms filled with secrets and puzzles. You need to be smart and find keys and tools to open doors and move to different places in the house.

Dark and Scary Place

Granny’s house is very scary. It feels real and every room can make you jump from fear. It’s dark and every corner could hide dangers.

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Clever Granny

Granny chasing you is very smart. She hears everything. If you drop something or make a loud noise, she will come after you. You must move quietly and hide when you need to.

Solve Puzzles

To find a way out, you have to solve puzzles. These brain-challenges help you unlock more places in the house or get important items to help you escape.

Tools to Help You

You can find things like a hammer or a piece of a picture. You use these things to help you escape. Sometimes you use them to fix something or to open a new path.

Granny Remake Android

Best Tips for Granny Remake

  • Be Quiet: Move slowly and don’t let Granny hear you.
  • Check Everything: Look in all places, like drawers, for keys and other helpful items.
  • Remember The House: Know where you are. It helps you find hiding spots quickly.
  • Close Doors: If Granny is behind you, the door can slow her down.
  • Wait and Watch: Sometimes stand still and watch. Learn how Granny moves and you can go around her.

Remember these tips when you play. They help you stay ahead of Granny and find the exit.

Pros and Cons


  • Scary Fun: The game makes your heart beat fast. It’s exciting because it feels like real fear.
  • Good Puzzles: The problems you need to solve are fun and make you think.
  • Smart Enemy: Granny is a clever foe. You must be very sneaky and think ahead to win.
  • Many Secrets: The house hides many secrets. Discovering all of them is a big part of the adventure.
  • Free to Play: You can enjoy this scary game without paying money.


  • Hard for Some: The game can be very difficult. Not everyone will enjoy this.
  • Graphics Need Work: Some players might want better pictures in the game.
  • Ads: You might see ads while playing. This can break the scary feeling.
  • Scary for Kids: The game is too scary for young children.
  • Glitches: Like many games, sometimes Granny Remake doesn’t work right.

Granny Remake mobile

Alternatives for Granny Remake

If you find “Granny Remake” too scary or hard, try other games like “Hello Neighbor” where you sneak into a neighbor’s house, or “Five Nights at Freddy’s” where you guard a pizza place against spooky robots.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I play Granny Remake for free?
Yes, you can play without paying money, but you might see ads.

2. Is it safe for kids to play this game?
No, this game is made for older players because it’s very scary.

3. I’m stuck, what should I do?
Try to remember the tips and keep trying. The game is about solving puzzles and escaping.

4. Can I play Granny Remake on my computer?
Granny Remake is mostly for mobile, like Android phones, but there are ways to play on a computer.

5. How many days do I have to escape in the game?
You have five days in the game to try to escape the house.


“Granny Remake” is a very scary game that tests how brave you are. You have to use your brain a lot to escape Granny. If you like to solve puzzles and enjoy spooky games, this is a good game for you. It’s all about getting out of a scary house while a really scary Granny chases you.

Free Download Granny Remake APK 3.2.0 (Mobile Game) for Android

Start your scary adventure today! Download the game and you’ll get right into the game for a heart-beating escape. Don’t wait—see if you can beat Granny and break free from the house of horrors!

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