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Goodbye Eternity 0.8.1 APK (Latest Version) for Android

Goodbye Eternity 0.8.1 is a game where you play a man who starts life again in his younger body. You choose how to live, make friends, and deal with the past.

Name Goodbye Eternity
Publisher The End Of Time
Size 535 MB
Version 0.8.1
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Exploring Goodbye Eternity: A Journey Back in Time

Goodbye Eternity is a special kind of story game called a Visual Novel. In it, you become a man with a tough life who gets another chance. This man wakes up in his younger body, and the world looks like our world today. Now you can choose what to do in your new life. Will you be nice to people, make friends, get love, or get back at others? But something strange has happened. Your eyes are yellow, and the past is changing. There are hard choices to make about old enemies and ladies who broke your heart. The big question is, can you find out why you got this new chance at life?

A World Full of Choices and Chances

The game starts with a big choice for this man: to fix old mistakes and try new things in life. Goodbye Eternity lets you talk to women in ways you didn’t before. Maybe you will like them, maybe you will control them, or maybe other things happen it’s your story to write. When talking to a woman, what you say and do changes your story with her. These choices lead to different ends and show many sides of love and power.

Goodbye Eternity 0.8 APK

Stunning Artwork That Feels Alive

One of the best things about Goodbye Eternity is how it looks. The art is very good, almost like watching an anime movie. People say the game is worth it just for the pictures! When playing the game, actions feel smooth because they happen at 60 frames per second (FPS) – like flipping quickly through a book of photos to make them move. The city in the game is big and fun to explore, with places that change with time, from morning to night.

Rich Stories and Sounds

In Goodbye Eternity, each person has their own story that feels real. There are lovely music tracks made by a musician named .Quotam. You enter a large city full of different people – some are nice, some are not so nice. Music plays a big part, making each moment more exciting or emotional. The game also makes it easy for you to understand what’s going on with a neat and clean menu system.

Goodbye Eternity APK 0.8.1

Best Tips for Playing Goodbye Eternity

  1. Think About Choices: Your choices shape the story. Think about what you say to people, especially women. Will you be kind or not? Each choice leads to a new path.
  2. Explore: The city in the game is big with many places to see. Walk around and find items that help you in your story.
  3. Make Money: You have a debt from your father to pay back. Find jobs or other ways to make money so this problem doesn’t stop you from moving forward in the game.
  4. Improve Your Person: Get better at speaking or other skills. Doing this may help in talking to people or finding new choices in the story.
  5. Save Often: Save your game often to try different choices without starting all over again if something goes wrong.

Goodbye Eternity Android latest version

Pros and Cons


  • The Second Chance Theme: Starting life again as a younger self is exciting.
  • Beautiful Art: The pictures and movements in the game are some of the best out there.
  • Good Animation: The games’ art moves well and looks alive.
  • Potential in Gameplay: With some changes, playing could become even more enjoyable.


  • Story Could Flow Better: Sometimes the story seems long or confusing. This needs work.
  • Game Needs More Refining: Some parts of playing could be made clearer or easier.

Finding Similar Games

If you like Goodbye Eternity and want to try similar games, you can look at other visual novels. Many of these games also let you make choices that change the story. There are many games with beautiful artwork and stories full of choices and second chances.

Goodbye Eternity Free download

Answering Your Questions

Can I play it on a phone?
Right now, it’s made for computers, not phones.

Is the game free?
The game is not free. You need to buy it to play.

Can I change the story?
Yes, by making choices.

How long does it take to finish?
It depends on how fast you read and choose.

Wrapping Up

Goodbye Eternity is more than just a game. It’s a chance to live a life you choose, with hard decisions and many different stories. It looks beautiful and has music that can touch your heart. But the story could be better in parts, and the way you play could become smoother. If you like art, taking charge, or just good stories, you might enjoy Goodbye Eternity.

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Are you ready for a unique story? Download the game and see what life you will create.

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