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Gold WhatsApp is an unofficial mod of the popular messaging app, offering extra features like enhanced privacy and customizations.

Name Gold WhatsApp
Publisher WhatsApp
Size 105 MB
Version 37.00
MOD Info Latest Version
MOD Info
  • Latest Version
  • New Update 2024
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Gold WhatsApp: The Shiny Messenger with Extra Features

Gold WhatsApp is like the gold version of regular WhatsApp. It’s not the same as the one you find in Google Play or App Store because other people made it using the “recipe” from the real WhatsApp. This app is shiny because it’s all dressed up in golden colors. It has some extra cool things you can do that you can’t do in the normal WhatsApp, things like changing how it looks, keeping your chats private, and even locking the app so only you can open it.


Extra Fancy Looks

One shiny thing about Gold WhatsApp APK is that you can change how it looks. Suppose you want your messaging app to match your style, like pink with unicorns or dark and moody – you can do that! It’s not just colors – you can choose different themes with special designs. Imagine being able to give your app a makeover whenever you want. That’s what makes this feature quite cool, especially if you love making things look just the way you like them.

Better Keep-Out Sign

GB WhatsApp Gold APK lets you put up a better keep-out sign for your chats. This means you can hide when you’re online or have read a message. It’s like reading a text and the other person doesn’t know until you’re ready to reply. You also get to lock your WhatsApp with a secret code, so you feel safer that no one else can peek at your messages. For people who care a lot about privacy, this feature is like having a secret diary that no one else can read.

More Chats Under Lock and Key

Chat lock is another trick WA Gold APK has. With this, you can lock down just one chat while the rest of the app is open. So, if you have a special conversation you don’t want anyone else to see, even someone who might use your phone sometimes, you can put a lock on it. Think of it like having a special drawer in your desk that only you have the key for. It’s handy for keeping certain things private.

Gold WhatsApp APK

Big Send Button

Usually, when you send pictures or videos on WhatsApp, you can only send a few at once. But with Arabic WhatsApp Gold APK, you can send more, much more. Plus, if you’ve got something big to share, you don’t have to cut it into tiny pieces – this app lets you send large files without a hitch. This feature is like having a super-powered paper airplane that can fly much farther than the regular kind.

Dress Up Your Chats

Not only can Gold WhatsApp dress up itself, but it also lets you dress up your chats. You can pick new designs for those little check marks that show your message was sent and seen, and even splash out with new bubble shapes for your conversations. Imagine turning a plain white room into a colorful party space – that’s kind of what you can do to your chats with this app, making them more fun to look at and use.

Useful Tips for Gold WhatsApp

  1. Customize Your Theme: Explore the theme library and pick one that fits your mood. Change your theme as often as you like to keep things fresh and fun.
  2. Keep Conversations Private: Use the built-in app lock feature to add a password or pattern to your app. This keeps your messages safe if someone else uses your phone.
  3. Manage Your Online Status: You can hide when you’re online or when you’ve read a message, so take control of your privacy settings and be ‘invisible’ if you want!
  4. Send More Photos: With this app, you can send bunches of photos all at once instead of just a few – great for sharing memories with friends or family.
  5. Customize Notifications: Change notification sounds and popup notifications for each contact. It makes it easier to know who’s messaging even when you’re not looking at your phone.

GB WhatsApp Gold APK

Pros and Cons


  • Customization: Gold WhatsApp lets you change the interface with lots of cool themes and colors.
  • Privacy Features: You get more choices for keeping your stuff private like hiding when you’ve read a message.
  • Increased Limits: Go beyond regular limits by sending more media together and bigger files.
  • Extra Security: Chat lock provides an additional layer of security for your most private conversations.


  • Potential for Bans: Sometimes these apps get banned because they’re not official, and you could lose access to your messages.

Alternative Apps Worth Trying

  1. WhatsApp Plus: Like Gold WhatsApp, but with different features for customization.
  2. GBWhatsApp: Offers extra privacy controls and the ability to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device.
  3. Telegram: Known for its high-level security and lots of user-friendly features.
  4. Signal: Puts privacy first, with end-to-end encryption to keep messages safe.
  5. Viber: Easy to use with lots of fun stickers and the ability to make calls as well as send messages.

Arabic WhatsApp Gold APK

Final Words

Gold WhatsApp spices up your messaging world with its golden glow and handy features. Whether it’s the customizable themes that catch your eye or the privacy perks that give you peace of mind, there’s plenty here to play with. Download Gold WhatsApp APK for Android and enjoy experiencing WhatsApp in a brighter, bolder way!

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