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Go To Bed APK is a free scary game where you make sure your room is safe before sleeping, then sneak out without getting caught by a creature.

Name Go To Bed Game
Publisher JoeTheItchPro
Size 81 MB
Version 2.2
MOD Info Horror Game
MOD Info
  • Horror Game
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A Scary Nighttime Challenge

Go To Bed Game APK is a scary game you can play for free. Also known as Did You Lock The Door Game. It feels like real life when you get ready for bed and make sure your house is locked tight. But this is a game, so it’s about more than just turning keys and closing windows. A spooky creature is lurking around, and if you’re not careful, it will catch you! JoeTheItchPro designed this game with different situations or levels to beat, each one like a little test you have to pass before safely going to sleep.

Go To Bed Game APK

Stay Safe Behind Locked Doors

One of the key parts of Go To Bed Horror Game is making sure your bedroom is safe. Think about what you do every night: you shut windows, lock doors, and maybe turn on a security system. Well, this game asks you to do those same things but with added pressure. Do well, and you can move on to a new, trickier challenge!

Sneak Out Undetected

When you reach the third part of Go to Bed Survive The Night Game, things flip around. Instead of getting ready for bed, you’ve got to quietly sneak out of the house without being caught by that scary creature. If you escape or not depends on something smart—or not so smart—you did before in the game.

Room for More Clarity

Even though it’s engaging to lock up the bedroom and try to avoid the creature, Go To Sleep Game isn’t perfect. One issue is that the words that pop up during play are really small and could be hard to read for some players.

Lock-Up Routines Turned Game!

The main thing GoToBed Game wants players to do is follow nighttime safety steps like in real life but in a virtual space. Each level gives players different tasks, which might include fastening windows tightly or engaging locks. The game aims to take simple tasks we often do without thinking and transform them into puzzle-like challenges within an eerie atmosphere.

How to Win at GO TO BED

  1. Remember Your Moves: Every action in the game can help or hurt you later. Take care of each choice like closing windows—think what it might mean for your next move.
  2. Listen Carefully: Sounds in the game can tell you if the spooky creature is close. Use headphones if you can, and pay attention to any strange noise.
  3. Stay Calm When You Move: When you sneak out of the house in the last level, being calm is key. If you hurry too much, you might make noise and get caught.
  4. Look Around a Lot: Check out every part of the room for things that might help you stay safe from the creature.
  5. Try Again: It’s okay if you get caught! Each time you play, you learn a bit more about how to stay safe.

Good and Bad Things About the Game


  • The game’s surprise change near the end keeps it interesting.
  • It turns nighttime routines into fun game challenges.


  • The notes that pop up are very tiny and might be tough to read.
  • Some parts of the game make it hard to see because of light issues.

Other Games to Try

  1. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Stay safe from robots trying to get you.
  2. Slenderman: Find pages before Slenderman finds you.
  3. Limbo: Solve puzzles in a shadowy place.
  4. Eyes The Horror Game: Collect money while avoiding a ghost.
  5. Outlast: Record scary things inside an asylum while staying alive.


Wanna play something new before sleeping? Try Go To Bed Game APK. It teaches careful moves and tells a story with a fun twist ending. If you’re good at following safety steps at home, this could feel familiar but spookier!

When gamers download this game, they’re signing up for fun with thinking ahead and staying alert. Keep in mind it’s got some downsides like hard-to-read text, but overall, it’s worth playing if you like spooky challenges.

After learning how to win and knowing other games to play after, this horror game is set for anyone brave enough! Ready? Download Go To Bed Game APK for Android and see if you can stay safe all through the night!

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