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GmsCore APK for Android (Latest Version) Free Download

GmsCore is a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Play Services for Android. It enables apps to work on systems without Google’s proprietary software.

Name GmsCore
Publisher microG Project Team
Size 38 MB
Version 0.4.1
MOD Info Latest Version
MOD Info
  • Latest Version
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GmsCore: Freedom for Your Android Device

GmsCore might not be a name everyone knows, but it’s a big helper for folks who want to run apps on Android without using Google’s own Play Services. Simply put, it steps in and acts like Google Play Services, but it’s open source – this means it’s free and the code is out there for anyone to look at or change.

Revanced GmsCore APK

Breaking Free with Open Source

GmsCore is a cheerleader for freedom on your phone. It’s open source, which is tech speak for “it’s free and you can see how it works”. You can use GmsCore APK latest version to run apps that usually ask for Google’s tools. This means you can have your cake and eat it too on custom Android systems that don’t come with Google’s stuff built-in.

Keep track of where you are, Without the extra baggage

One cool thing about Revanced GmsCore APK is it can tell apps where you are, even when you’re offline. This magic trick doesn’t take a big toll on your battery either. So, if you’re worried about your phone dying while using maps, the app is here to ease those fears.

Friendly with Battery, Memory, and the CPU

Another perk? MicroG GmsCore APK is easy on your phone’s resources. It doesn’t gobble up battery, fill up memory, or make the CPU sweat so much. While some phone helpers can be needy – hogging power or slowing things down – this app plays nice with your phone’s insides, keeping everything running smooth.

Flying Under the Radar: No Ads or Bloatware

Plus, GmsCore for Android isn’t out to sell you anything. That means no ads popping up or extra apps you didn’t ask for taking up space. Some services love to push extra stuff you don’t need, making your phone a crowded mess. But the app keeps things lean and clean.

Supports Lots of Devices

Whether you’re using an actual phone, a test emulator (for trying out apps), or some kind of fancy phone setup in the cloud, Gms Core Installer APK has your back. It’s versatile and doesn’t care if your device is real or virtual. In short, it’s made for any situation where you’d want Google Play Services but prefer the free and open version.

MicroG GmsCore APK

How to Install GmsCore

Installing GmsCore on your Android phone comes in a few careful steps. Don’t worry – I’ll guide you through each one. Make sure to follow them closely for the best experience.

  1. Check You’ve Got What You Need: First, look at what’s needed before you start. The app has some must-haves (like certain Android features) to work right.
  2. Get the GmsCore File: Grab the file named GmsCore.apk from where you can download it, like microG’s own online spot or their F-Droid store.
  3. Put it on Your Phone: If you’ve built it yourself using ‘gradle’ on your computer, plug in your phone and use the ‘adb install <filename>’ command. Otherwise, just move the apk file to your phone and tap it to start installing.
  4. Install GsfProxy for Messages: Want Google’s push messages, also called notifications? Get the apk file for GsfProxy and click to install just like before.
  5. Choose Your Play Store Setup: Time for the Play Store. If you want in without all its extras, find BlankStore on the XDA place to chat techy stuff. Can’t be bothered with Play Store? Cool, pick FakeStore instead – it’s plain and simple.
  6. Open microG Settings: These should now be easy to find, like any other app. Want to use Google services? Tick the boxes for the background stuff so everything runs smoothly. If not, no stress.
  7. Pick Your Location Backends: Stay on track by turning on location services through the UnifiedNlp settings within microG. Grab some backends from F-Droid if you haven’t yet.
  8. Restart Your Phone: Really important – don’t skip this. It helps everything settle in for a fresh start.
  9. Stay Awake on Android 6+: You’ve gotta make sure that GmsCore doesn’t go to sleep if you’ve got Marshmallow or a newer sweet Android version. Find ‘Battery Optimization’ settings and give microG Services Core an all-night pass.

Now, stay patient and follow each of these steps. If it all feels a bit complex, that’s OK – technical stuff sometimes is! But take your time and go one step at a time, and you’ll get your phone set up with GmsCore just fine.

Useful Tips for GmsCore

  1. Check Compatibility: First things first, make sure your phone can work with GmsCore. It needs a trick called ‘signature spoofing.’
  2. Install Correctly: It’s important to install the app properly. Follow guides carefully so everything runs smooth.
  3. Choose the Right ROM: You’ll need an Android ‘ROM’ – like a phone’s outfit that can work with it straight away.
  4. Opt-In Wisely: This app lets you choose which Google services to use. Pick only what you really need.
  5. Location Services: With this app, get where you’re going without getting lost and save battery with efficient location services.

GmsCore for Android

Pros and Cons


  • Free as a bird: It doesn’t ask for money – it’s totally free.
  • Easy on Phones: Doesn’t make your phone tired – uses less battery and memory.
  • No Sneaky Ads: No ads! Nothing interrupts while using apps.
  • Open to All: Works great whether your device is real or just for tests.


  • Compatibility Hurdles: Not all Android systems say ‘yes’ right away – might need some extra steps.
  • DIY Setup: There’s no one-click setup – you gotta learn a bit and set it up yourself.

Alternative Apps Worth Trying

  1. OpenGApps: A different way to get Google services on custom Android systems.
  2. FakeStore: Acts like the Google Play Store but doesn’t let you buy anything – it’s more of a placeholder.
  3. NanoDroid: A package that puts together microG plus some other useful tools.
  4. Vanced microG: Made for YouTube Vanced – a version of YouTube without ads.
  5. FDroid: A spot for free and open source apps – everything here respects your freedom and privacy.

GmsCore APK latest version

Ending Thoughts

In the end, what’s all this talk about GmsCore good for? Well, imagine all the neat things about Google services but with more control for you and less asking for permissions all the time.

It’s friendly to your phone’s battery life and space, keeps things simple without extra fluff or ads, and best of all – it’s free! The only real hitch is making sure you’re up for setting it up yourself. So if you’re into Android and want your device as private and open as possible, downloading GmsCore APK makes a heap of sense!

Get GmsCore

Download (38 MB)

You are now ready to download GmsCore for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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