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In Garten of Banban 8, explore a spooky city to unlock the mystery of a deserted kindergarten, solving puzzles and meeting eerie mascots along the way.

Name Garten of Banban 8
Publisher Euphoric Brothers
Size 193 MB
Version 1.3
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Unravel the Mystery of the Empty Kindergarten

Garten of Banban 8 is a game filled with thrills and secrets where you become a detective in a small city. Something bad has happened in Banban’s Kindergarten, and everybody is gone. You search the city to uncover these secrets. The game has lots of places to see, like streets and a big theater, and new people to meet. It’s an adventure game that lets you find clues and solve puzzles. If you enjoy spooky stories and solving mysteries, this might be the game for you.

Garten of Banban 8 Mobile APK

Adventure and Exploration

This game stands out because it focuses more on exploring than just doing the same puzzles again and again. The city where the story takes place feels alive; it has many places for players to discover secrets and find important things that move the story ahead. You can wander around at your own pace, seeing new places such as bars and motels. Every spot brings its own feeling, helping to build the mystery as you dig deeper into the game.

Characters and Interactions

Throughout the city, you will run into many colorful characters that give life to the story. Each person you meet has their own style, adding fun chats to your adventure. Through talking to them, you might get helpful info for your journey or just hear interesting stories of their lives. These chats are not only fun but also key to finding out why everybody in Banban’s Kindergarten vanished.

Garden of Banban 8 APK


A fun part of Garden of Banban 8 APK is its minigames. These games inside the main game are not too long or too short, they add extra fun without being too much. Minigames might involve easy tasks or challenges but always add something special to the experience of exploring the city and meeting new folks.

YouTuber Cameos

For fans who watch a lot of online videos, this goes beyond just plain cameos from well-known YouTubers. You may bump into a few faces you know while playing which can be a cool surprise. These special guests can bring some laughs, winks, or just unique touches that fans might be glad about as they play through the game.

Staying Alert with Puzzles and Mascots

In the world of Garten of Banban 8 Mobile APK, players must not only talk and explore but also stay sharp. You need to solve puzzles to unlock parts of the city and move ahead in the game. You might also find keys on your way that open new places. Along with this, the game has creepy creatures like Captain Fiddles and Goblin Baby to make your journey not only fun, but scary too!

Garten of Banban 8 APK

Useful Tips for Garten of Banban 8 Players

  1. Take Your Time: Make sure to look around the city well. Details can be key.
  2. Chat with Everyone: Talking with every new person can help your journey as they might share hints or needed items.
  3. Mini-game Mindset: Even if a minigame seems hard, try again! They are important to completing the game.
  4. Stay Puzzle-Ready: Have paper nearby to write down hints or lists. This can help you in solving hard puzzles.
  5. Be Brave With Mascots: When you see spooky mascots, don’t run! They could lead you to secrets or solve riddles in the game.

Pros and Cons


  • Game has many parts to explore.
  • Fun meets from characters.
  • Right length minigames.
  • Hidden nods to famous YouTubers.


  • Some scary bits may not suit everyone.
  • Can get tricky with lots of details to keep in mind.

Garden of Banban 8 Mobile APK


Garten of Banban 8 feels like quite the trip, with its careful mix of frights, people, puzzle play, and discovery all tucked into a city mystery waiting for someone bold enough to uncover it! If you’re into passing time with intriguing tales and don’t mind shivers down your spine now and again, download Garden of Banban 8 Mobile APK today. Maybe you’ll be the one to solve what happened at Banban’s Kindergarten!

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