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FNAF in Real Time APK v2.2.8 (Fan Game) for Android

FNAF in Real Time is a new fan-made game based on Five Nights at Freddy's. It gives the original game a fresh look by adding new things to do, a changed story, and more.

Name FNAF in Real Time
Publisher Real Time Studio
Size 50 MB
Version 2.2.8
MOD Info Fan Made
MOD Info
  • Fan Game
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Key Features

New Animatronic Actions

Bonnie and Chica can now visit both left and right doors. This makes things harder and keeps you guessing about where they might go next. It’s a game where you try to stay safe while looking for robots on cameras.

Real-Time Animatronics Movement

In this game, the big change is how the robots move when you watch them. Now you see them walk in real-time on your screens. You must track where they go and keep them away from you.

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Moving Animatronics Camera System

The cameras are your eyes to watch the robots. This new system lets you see robots walking around as if they are real. It feels like the robots are really there in the room. You watch them live, not just pictures on the screen.

Updated Story

The story in the game is different from before. It still happens at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza place, but with new twists. You will find out more about the robots and why things go wrong at night. Be ready for surprises!

More Gameplay Elements

There are new things to do in the game. We don’t know them all yet, but they promise to make the game feel new. You might have to do things in different ways than what you’re used to in other games like this.

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Best Tips for FNAF in Real Time

To do well in this game, you need good tips to follow. Always keep an eye on your power use; you have only a little, don’t run out. Check the cameras often but not too long. You need time to close doors if robots come near.

Another tip is to learn how the robots move. They each have their ways. Pay attention and learn their paths, and you’ll have a better chance to stop them. Also, you can figure out who will come to which door and when, so you can be ready.

Listen to sounds, too. Sometimes, you hear a robot before you see them. If you notice their noise, quickly find them and stop them. It’s an important way to stay safe in the game.

Stay calm too. The robots will try to scare you. But if you get scared too easy, you will make mistakes. Breathe deep, think fast, and don’t let fear take over.

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Pros and Cons


One good thing about this game is it’s new and exciting. If you’ve played the original, this gives you more to explore and enjoy. The real-time camera watching makes the game feel alive, like you’re really there.

Also, having robots come to both doors adds a neat challenge. It keeps you on your toes and makes you think carefully about where to look and what to do. Plus, the new story could be really cool if you like to find out surprises and new tales.

You may like that the game needs you to think and react fast. It’s not just waiting; it’s doing—and doing quickly. That makes winning feel great because you did it, not luck.


A tough side of the game is that it can be hard. New players or those not fast at thinking and moving might find it too much. The robots being smarter and having new ways to act may be a lot to handle.

Sometimes, you might run into bugs—little mistakes in the game that make it not work right. This is normal for new games. They need time to fix these.

And one more thing: since the game has limited electricity for you to use, this rule may seem too strict. It can be annoying if you run out and can’t do anything to stop the robots.

Alternatives for FNAF in Real Time

If FNAF in Real Time seems too tough or scary, there are other games to try. You could go back to the first FNAF or play other fan games made from FNAF. Each one is a bit different, so you might find one that’s just right for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the game?
You can find it online at places that share fan-made games. Make sure they’re safe to get games from.

Is the game free?
Usually, fan games are free. But always check the site to be sure before you download.

When will FNAF in Real Time be out?
Since it’s still being made, there’s no set date yet. Keep an eye out for news to find out when you can play.

Can kids play the game?
It’s made for people who like spooky stuff. If you’re younger or get scared easily, it might not be best for you.

Will there be more after FNAF in Real Time?
It could happen! If the game does well, who knows? There could be more new stories or even scarier robots.


In the end, FNAF in Real Time is a game for people who like a good scare and a challenge. It’s fresh, quick, and takes ideas from a game many love already. It promises to make players use their heads and not just wait to win.

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Ready for a new adventure with Freddy and his crew? Go download it and see if you can last five nights!

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