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Estate Agent Simulator is a sim game. In it, you pretend to be someone selling and looking after houses. You can buy houses, make them nice, and sell or rent them out. The game is like running a big house selling business on your screen.

Name Estate Agent Simulator
Publisher Kiki Games
Size 234 MB
Version 1.3.5
MOD Info Mobile Version
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  • Mobile Version
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Why should I play Estate Agent Simulator?

Imagine playing a game that lets you be the boss of buying and selling houses. Get to try out what it’s like to have a job in real estate. It’s great for fun and might even help you with learning about dealing with houses and customers in the real world.

While you play, you enjoy some pretty pictures on your screen that look almost real. The game makes you feel like you’re really there, in the world of buying and fixing houses.

Anyone curious about real estate might like this game. Whether you want to try being a real estate boss for fun, or you already sell houses for work, this game has something for you.

Estate Agent Simulator APK

Key Features

  1. Picking and Fixing Up Homes: You get to choose homes you want in the game’s city. Spend game cash on them, then decide how to fix them up. Put your style into each place by choosing the look and furniture, making it ready for people to live in.
  2. Finding Buyers and Renters: Once your homes are ready, you attract buyers or renters. Make ads and have talks with in-game people who want a place to live. Make the best deals and get top money for your houses.
  3. Making New Homes: The game isn’t just about existing houses. There’s empty space that you can build new houses on. This is like playing at being a constructor and watching a place grow from nothing. It feels pretty special to see a new home finished.
  4. Gathering Rent and Sorting Issues: Being a landlord means getting rent from renters in the game. But sometimes they may not want to pay up. What will you do then? You might need to get creative or take serious steps to get your cash.
  5. Understanding the Game’s City: Everything in the game’s city can change the success of your business. A new school or shop can mean you charge more rent. By talking to other characters in the game or reading ‘news,’ you learn things that can give you an advantage in housing dealings.

Estate Agent Simulator download APK

Best Tips for Estate Agent Simulator

  1. Know the Market: Always watch the game’s market. Prices will go up and down like in real life. Buy low and sell high to make more game money.
  2. Upgrade Wisely: Think before you spend on upgrades. Make your homes nice, but don’t overdo it. Some things make a house worth more.
  3. Choose Right Tenants: Pick people who pay rent on time. In the game, some may not pay. Find good tenants to avoid trouble.
  4. Save Money for Surprises: Keep some game cash for unexpected things. Sometimes a house needs a fast fix or stuff can go wrong.
  5. Learn to Bargain: Use your talk skills to get better deals. Whether you buy or sell, good words can save or make you game money.

Remember, playing smart and thinking like it’s real will help you become good in the game.

Estate Agent Simulator Mobile APK

Pros and Cons


Learn Skills: Play and learn about real estate. It’s good for people who find this job fun.

Safe and Fun: It’s safe to try things in the game that you wouldn’t risk doing for real.

Good Graphics: The look of the game is pretty and makes you feel like you’re in the game’s world.

Control Everything: You are the boss in the game and decide everything for your houses.

City Feels Alive: The game’s city has events that change how you play and plan.


Time-Eating: You might spend lots of time playing without noticing.

Complex for Some: Some people find it hard to understand how to play.

Repetition: Doing the same tasks over again might be boring.

Not Real Money: You learn good skills but can’t earn real money from the game.

Tech Needs: You need a good phone or computer to play without trouble.

Every game has good and bad bits but finding out if it’s right for you means giving it a try.

Estate Agent Simulator free download

Alternatives for Estate Agent Simulator

There are other games like Estate Agent Simulator. Some are about building cities, and others let you decorate homes. These games also let you play with houses and are fun like Estate Agent Simulator.

Games like “The Sims” let you make houses and lives for people. “SimCity” lets you build a whole city. “House Flipper” is about fixing and selling houses. These alternatives offer different ways to have fun with houses, whether you’re more into creating from scratch or sprucing them up for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it hard to play Estate Agent Simulator?
A: It can be a bit tricky at first. But like any game, you get better as you play more.

Q: Can I play with friends?
A: This game is mostly for playing alone. But you can share your progress with friends and compare how you do.

Q: Does the game cost real money?
A: Sometimes games cost real money at the start. And they might offer extras inside the game that you can buy. Always check before you download.

Q: Does the game work on all phones?
A: Most new phones can run the game. If you have an older phone it might not work or be slow.

Q: Can I really learn about real estate from this game?
A: Yes, you can learn some basics. But real-life real estate is more complicated. Think of the game as a fun introduction.


Estate Agent Simulator is a sim game that’s not only enjoyable but also teaches you about owning and taking care of houses. It gives you knowledge, but it’s important to know that what happens in the game may not be the same as reality. Yet, this game might spark your interest in a job selling houses.

Free Download Estate Agent Simulator APK (Mobile Version)

Ready to sell houses? Download the game now! Start your journey in the game’s real estate market. Have fun playing and learning as you build your very own virtual property empire.

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