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Demon Fruit RPG APK (Unlimited Money, Firdaus Dev) for Android

Demon Fruits RPG APK is a mobile game where you become a pirate captain, explore seas, find treasures, and battle with the help of magical Devil's Fruits.

Name Demon Fruits RPG
Publisher Firdaus-Dev
Size 118 MB
Version 1.9.3
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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  • Unlimited Money
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Demon Fruits RPG is a fun game. You are a pirate captain. You sail the seas, find treasures, fight other pirates, and eat special Devil’s Fruit for power. It’s an adventure game on your phone.

Demon Fruit RPG APK

Five Key Features

Be a Pirate Captain

In the game, you become a pirate leader. This means you are the boss. You find treasure, make friends, and fight. It’s like you are in a story about pirates.

Choose Your Crew

Your team is important. You can pick many different friends to join you. Each one has a special skill. They can fight, shoot, or help you sail. You make them stronger and they help you more.

Discover Devil’s Fruit Power

The game has magic fruits, they are called Devil’s Fruit. When you eat them, you get very strong, but you can’t swim. The fruits help you beat your enemies.

Explore Islands and Seas

There are many places in the game. Each place is different. Some places are pretty islands. Some are cities with people who sell things you can’t find in normal shops. Some places have hidden treasure.

Fight Enemies and Monsters

In the game, you will fight a lot. You will fight other pirate crews, the navy, and big sea animals. Fighting helps you get more famous and strong.

Demon Fruit RPG APK Unlimited Money

Best Tips for Demon Fruits RPG

Here are some good tips to do well in the game:

Train Your Crew

Make sure you make your crew better. The better they are, the stronger your team is. This will help you win fights.

Save Your Money

In the game, you need money. Don’t spend it all fast. Save it for when you really need something important or to make your crew better.

Eat Devil’s Fruit Carefully

The magic fruits give you power but be smart about eating them. Think about who on your team should eat the fruit. Remember, they won’t be able to swim after eating!

Always Be Ready for Fights

Fights can happen any time. Keep your crew and ship ready to fight always. This means you won’t be surprised when enemies come.

Have Fun Exploring

The game has many fun places to see. Don’t rush. Look around at the islands and seas. This is part of the fun.

Remember, in Demon Fruits RPG, you are the captain, and adventure waits for you at every turn!

Demon Fruit APK Unlimited Money

Pros and Cons


  • Fun Story: The game has a big story with many surprises. It’s fun to play and see what happens next.
  • Many Characters: You can have a lot of different crew members. This makes your team special.
  • Big World: There is so much to see. You can go to many places and each one looks and feels different.
  • Devil’s Fruit Powers: The fruits are a cool part of the game. They make you strong and change how you play.
  • You Are The Captain: You make the choices. You decide where to go and what to do. It’s your adventure.


  • Cannot Swim: After eating Devil’s Fruit, you can’t swim. This can be hard when you are on the sea.
  • Many Battles: There are lots of fights. If you don’t like fighting all the time, this might not be fun for you.
  • Needs Time: The game is big. You need to play for a long time to see everything.
  • Hard Choices: You have to choose who eats the Devil’s Fruit. This can be a tough decision because you can’t change it after.
  • Staying Ready: Always needing to be ready for a fight can be stressful.

Alternatives for Demon Fruits RPG

If this game is not right for you, check these:

  1. “Pirate Kings” – Fun and for all ages.
  2. “Tempest: Pirate Action RPG” – More real fighting ships.
  3. “One Piece Bounty Rush” – Based on a famous pirate story.

Demon Fruit Firdaus Dev APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play with friends?

Yes, you can play with friends. Make a crew together.

Is it free?

The game can be free but there might be things to buy inside.

Do I need the internet?

You might need the internet to download and maybe for some parts of the game.

How long is the game?

The time to finish the game can be different for each player. It’s a big game.

Can kids play?

Yes, kids can play, but because there are fights, check the age recommendation.


Demon Fruits RPG is a big game with pirates, seas, and adventures. It’s fun and lets you make a lot of choices. Step into this world and see if you can find the greatest treasure.

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