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Computer Repair Shop Simulator APK for Android (Full Game)

In Computer Repair Shop, fix computers and dive into shady quests in a vivid, dark future world.

Name Computer Repair Shop
Publisher Cheesecake Dev
Size 999 MB
Version 1.2
MOD Info Full Game
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  • Full Game
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Computer Repair Shop: Fix, create and Master the Cyberpunk Underworld

In this game, you are the boss of your own computer fix place. You work in a dark city full of bright lights. People come to your shop with broken computers. You check what’s wrong and fix them. The game looks like it comes from a movie with future stuff mixed with old things. Besides fixing, you can also choose to do bad deeds like peek into others’ computer files or fight.

Computer Repair Shop APK

Fixing Computers

The main part of your job is to repair machines that don’t work right. People bring in their gadgets with all sorts of troubles—from not turning on to catching computer sicknesses called viruses. You use tools and know-how to find out what’s not working and make it right.

Doing Wrong Things

But that’s not all! Computer Repair Shop Simulator APK lets you be naughty too. You can take stuff from the gadgets when no one is looking. Maybe even put something nasty in there so the computer acts up later. If someone gives you trouble, you can fight back hard—but remember this is only a game!

Create Trouble

Once you’ve got some cash, you start more mischief. Make your own virus and wreck other people’s stuff remotely, or go real big and make your own fighting robot. The game keeps adding new ways for you to shake things up.

Sneaking Around

Break into your customers’ software—where the brain of the computer lives—and sneak around for bank information or secrets.

Exploring Dark Corners

Along with hardware handiwork and software sneaking, exploring is encouraged. There might be surprises you find, maybe scary or strange websites that someone forgot to close on their computer, or perhaps evidence for why they were acting slyly when entering your shop.

Computer Repair Shop Game for Android

Negotiation and Sales

Once you have put together working machines from the parts, it’s time to talk deals with people. Pretend good parts are bad or opposite to trick someone if you feel like it. Getting the best price for your work means more money for you—for good or naughty deeds.

Useful Tips for Computer Repair Shop Players

  1. Start by really learning how parts and fixes work so you can play the fixing part well.
  2. Keep track of what parts you have. Running out can mean a pause in your work.
  3. Be careful with the naughty stuff; some moves could come back to hurt your game.
  4. Play smart when bad folks come into your shop—pick the best way to handle them every time.
  5. Mix up your play—fix, create, and sell for lots of different things to keep it fun.

Computer Repair Shop Simulator APK

Pros and Cons


  1. The game mixes fixing with naughty bits for a crazy twist.
  2. There’s always something new popping up to keep things interesting.
  3. Doing bad deeds is just part of the plot—not for real life!
  4. Planning wins gets your brain going in all kinds of ways.


  1. Some may think it’s not right to add fight and theft even if it’s only make-believe.
  2. This level of bad could be too much for a game just about fixing things.

Computer Repair Shop Simulator free download


Is fixing computers too plain for you? Do you crave a walk on the wild side without leaving your chair? Then hop into this neon world and become the owner of the sketchiest fix shop in town! Whether you like to solve puzzles or cause trouble, this game has something for everybody. Ready for some fun that’s just push play away? Get Computer Repair Shop Game for Android now and start seeing if you can handle the heat—or spark it yourself!

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