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Cindy Car Drive APK 0.3 (New Update 0.4) for Android

Cindy Car Drive is a mobile game where players can drive cars with real soft-body physics, meaning the cars can get damaged like in real life. The game is for Android and is still being made better.

Name Cindy Car Drive
Publisher Ivan Luksic
Size 76 MB
Version 0.4
MOD Info New Update 0.4
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MOD Info
  • New Update 0.4
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Why should I play Cindy Car Drive?

You might want to play Cindy Car Drive because it feels like you are really driving a car. You can hit cars, go high speeds, and see your car break into pieces just like in the real world. See what happens in a car crash. You do not get hurt, but can feel the thrill. You can try many vehicles and many ways to crash them.

As this game is still in the making, you can also help by finding any errors and telling the makers so they can fix them.

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Key Features

Damage That Looks Real – In Cindy Car Drive, cars break apart in a way that looks very real. When you hit something hard, pieces of your car can fly off. See what each crash does to various cars.

Feel of Real Cars – The game has car physics that make you feel like you are really driving. How the car moves and handles feels true to life. This means the car can be big or small, heavy or light, or act in other real ways.

Nice Graphics – Cindy has graphics that look very impressive. You can see each part of the car very clear, and when you crash, it almost looks like watching a movie of a real accident.

Levels of Breaking Down – Not all crashes in Cindy are the same. Some might just scratch your car, and others can smash it into many pieces. Try different ways and places to see how the damage changes.

Camera Views – You can choose different camera modes in the game. Watch your stunts and crashes from many angles. Making it more fun to play and see what happens to your car.

Cindy Car Drive 0.3 APK

Best Tips for Cindy Car Drive

When you play the game, here are some good tips to remember.

  1. Learn how each car works because they are all different. Some move fast, some slow, and each one will crash in its own way.
  2. Try to hit the sweet spot when you jump off a ramp. This means going fast but not too fast, so you can make a neat stunt.
  3. Look at how things turn out from different camera modes to learn how your actions change the crash.

It’s smart to play around with the game settings until it feels just right. And do not forget to keep crashing! The more you break cars, the better you’ll get at it. Always try to land on four wheels to keep the car going.

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Pros and Cons


  • Real car feeling when driving and crashing.
  • Cars look very good, with fine details.
  • You get to try many crash tests on cars.
  • Many camera angles to choose from for best view.
  • Fun because cars get really damaged like in a real wreck.


  • Still more work to be done, so some bugs.
  • It might not work great on all Android devices.
  • Can be too hard for some players who prefer easy games.
  • Since the game is new, there might not be as many levels.
  • Some players may not like lots of crashes and destruction.

Alternatives for Cindy Car Drive

If you want to try something else like Cindy Car Drive, there are other games you can play:

  • Car Crash Simulator Royale: which lets you crash cars, too.
  • Real Car Simulator Game:  where driving feels real.
  • Extreme Car Driving Simulator: test how well you can control your car at high speeds and cause damage.
  • Car Simulator 2: a game where you drive cars, complete missions, race, and customize your vehicles in a virtual city.

Cindy Car Drive new update

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it free to download Cindy Car Drive?
A: Yes, you can get the game free. But, it might have in-app purchases.

Q: Can kids play this game?
A: The game has wrecking cars, but it’s pretend, so it should be OK.

Q: Are there a lot of levels to play?
A: As it’s still being made better, the game may have limited levels, but new ones could be added over time.

Q: Will I lose everything if the app updates?
A: Usually, no. If you update, you should keep your progress. But always make sure you have the latest version!

Q: Can I play Cindy Car Drive with friends?
A: Cindy Car Drive is mostly for playing alone. So right now, playing with friends might not work.


Cindy Car Drive shows you how a car will be destroyed if it moves at high speed. From there, it helps to increase your awareness of traffic safety. Always stay safe on your way home!

Free Download Cindy Car Drive APK 0.3 (New Update 0.4)

If you like thrilling car stunts and want to crash cars in super-real ways, go get the game on your Android now! Try out all the cool crashes and ramps. Download today and start your crash adventure!

Get Cindy Car Drive

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You are now ready to download Cindy Car Drive for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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