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Bad Piggies Mod APK for Android (Unlocked Everything)

In Bad Piggies, you design unique contraptions to guide green mischief-making pigs to their goals.

Name Bad Piggies
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Size 154 MB
Version 2.0
MOD Info Unlimited Items, Build Anywhere
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  • Unlocked Everything
  • Unlimited Items, Build Anywhere
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Bad Piggies: Fun with Puzzles and Crazy Creations!

Bad Piggies is a fun puzzle game where you help the green pigs from Angry Birds build wild rides to fetch eggs. You’re given different bits and pieces to build cars, planes, and more. Each level challenges you to think and come up with a clever design so you can reach the finish line. With 60 levels to play and extra ones you unlock by playing well, it’s a game that keeps your brain busy and fingers tapping.

Bad Piggies Mod APK unlimited everything

Building Challenge

One of the main things in Bad Piggies Mod APK unlimited everything is building crafty contraptions. You get over 30 objects like wheels, wings, and fans to make something that moves. What you create should carry the pigs through the level while grabbing items and reaching the goal. It tests your skill to mix and match parts for a working machine.

Pilot Your Creation

Building is only half the fun – guiding your creation is where the thrills live! Once you make your transport, you become the pilot. This bit can get messy, as crashes are common. But that’s part of the fun, learning from mistakes, tweaking your machine, and trying again until you sail smoothly to victory.

Level Variety

Another exciting part about Bad Piggies Mod APK infinite grid is its level variety. Each level has fresh obstacles, which means you need new strategies each time. Also, winning levels with three stars opens up new challenges, so there’s always a reason to go back and improve, finding the best method to beat each map.

Bad Piggies Mod APK infinite grid

Sandbox Mode

Getting all three stars? That’s tough! But if you do it or collect hidden skulls in levels, you unlock Sandbox mode in Bad Piggies Mod APK build anywhere. Here’s where you let loose with no strict goals – just experiment and play with all the tools and pieces at your disposal. It’s like an open playground for your wildest engineering ideas.

Mechanic Pig Helper

Need a hint? The Mechanic Pig builds a basic vehicle for you. This helps beginners get going or gives you fresh ideas if you’re stuck. It doesn’t guarantee three stars though for that perfect score, you’ll still have to fine-tune your design and piloting skills.

Useful Tips for Playing Bad Piggies

  1. Start Simple: Begin with the basics when creating your machine. Overcomplicating from the start can lead to failures. Build something basic and test it, then add or remove parts as needed.
  2. Learn From Crashes: Don’t be afraid of crashes. Each crash teaches you something about your design’s weakness, letting you make necessary adjustments.
  3. Think Outside the Box: Sometimes the most unconventional vehicle will get you through. Try different object combos – like putting a balloon with a wheel, or a box with wings.
  4. Use Power-Ups Wisely: Power-ups like the turbo charge can offer a big boost, but timing is key. Use them when they’ll give you the most benefit.
  5. Revisit Levels: If you’re stuck, go back to past levels! This way, you can earn more stars or find inspiration to tackle your current challenge.

Bad Piggies Mod APK build anywhere

Pros and Cons


  • Creative Freedom: Mix parts freely to build unique contraptions for each challenge.
  • Challenging: The puzzles really make you think and test your problem-solving skills.
  • Replay Value: With lots of levels and stars to earn, there’s always a reason to play again.
  • Fun Mechanics: The crash-and-learn trial is enjoyable and keeps the gameplay fresh.


  • Frustrating at Times: Tough levels might cause some frustration.
  • Repetitive: Some may find repeatedly tweaking designs to get three stars repetitive.

Alternative Games

  1. Angry Birds Series: Discover various spin-offs that offer different takes on the classic slingshot formula.
  2. Cut the Rope Series: Solve puzzles by cutting ropes to feed candy to a little green monster named Om Nom.
  3. Where’s My Water?: Get water flowing through pipes to help Swampy the alligator take a bath.
  4. The Incredible Machine: Design wacky Rube Goldberg devices in this classic puzzle game that’s similar in spirit to Bad Piggies.
  5. Crash of Cars: While not a building-focused game, it involves creative destruction with vehicles in an online multiplayer setting.

Bad Piggies HD 2.0 Mod APK


Wrap up your gears and ideas – Bad Piggies awaits your genius! With lots of things to build, levels that twist your brain, and hilarious antics of green piggies, this game brings hours upon hours of entertainment. Sharpen your problem-solving skills, unleash creativity, and let those pigs fly high (or crash in style). Want an adventure packed with inventing and flying? Get your hands on Bad Piggies today and start concocting those wild rides toward epic egg-snatching victory!

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