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Another Girl in The Wall APK for Android (Molhaq Site)

Another Girl in The Wall APK is an adventure and simulation game where you play interactive puzzles and customize characters.

Name Another Girl in The Wall
Publisher Jhon Capybara Dev
Size 75 MB
Version 1.7.5
MOD Info Free Download
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  • Molhaq Site
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Fantasy Mystery and Fashion

Another Girl in The Wall APK is a mobile game you can play on your phone. It has puzzles, outfits for characters, and secret spots in a city. Players get to look for clues and solve the puzzles the game has along the way. The story is about a place where something bad happened and now you must find out all its secrets. The game lets you dress up girls that are part of the story, change their hair, and give them things to hold or wear.

Another Girl in The Wall APK

High-Quality Graphics

One special thing in Molhaq Site Another Girl in The Wall APK download is its pretty pictures – known as graphics. In the game, things look bright and eye-catching. When you see special objects, chests, and other items, they stand out well because someone made them carefully with lots of detail. For people who enjoy nice pictures in games, this feature will make them happy. Such graphics make playing the game more fun as you explore different places and figure out puzzles.

Interacting with Characters

Another Girl in The Wall Game APK lets players do a lot of things with in-game characters. You can pick actions from a menu that shows up when you tap on the characters. Fun activities like dressing the characters or giving them items to use can be done through these options. This feature makes it so that everyone playing can find something they think is entertaining and helps make the game feel very real.

Another Girl in The Wall Game APK

Character Customization

In Another Girl in The Wall Android, you can make your characters look different. Think of it as playing dress-up with two doll characters in the game. You get to pick their hair and clothes which makes you feel like you’re creating a personal touch for your gameplay. This kind of freedom to change how a character looks is what many gamers enjoy, it adds some extra fun to the experience since it’s like you’re taking part in writing the character’s story with your own choices.

Top Tips for Mastering Another Girl in The Wall

If you’re playing Another Girl in The Wall, there are some neat tricks to know:

  1. Explore Every Corner: Look everywhere in the game. Click on everything because clues can be hidden in any little spot.
  2. Mix and Match Outfits: Try all sorts of clothes and hair on your characters. Some outfits might bring surprises or help with certain puzzles.
  3. Save Often: Make sure to save your game often. If you make a mistake or don’t like something you did, you can go back and try again.
  4. Think Outside the Box: Some puzzles might seem very hard but use your imagination. Sometimes the answer is not simple so let your brain play with different ideas.
  5. Take Breaks When Stuck: If a puzzle makes you stuck, stop playing for a bit. When you come back, you could have new ideas.

Molhaq Site Another Girl in The Wall APK download

Pros and Cons


  • Good Pictures: As said before, it looks very nice which makes playing more pleasant.
  • Fun Dress-Up: You can change characters’ clothes and hair which is enjoyable.
  • No Ads: It’s great that the game doesn’t have interruptions from ads.
  • Interesting Puzzles: The puzzles make you think and keep the game exciting.


  • Complex for Some: Some people may find it tricky to figure out what to do.
  • Limited Characters: There are only two characters to play with.
  • Large Size: The game might take a lot of space on your phone or computer.


  1. The Room series: These have many secrets and puzzles to find.
  2. Machinarium: A robot’s story with fun challenges.
  3. Monument Valley: A beautiful game with tricky paths and towers.
  4. Lifeline series: You make choices that decide what happens next.
  5. Escape Room: Mystery Word: This one makes you guess words to get out of rooms.

Another Girl in The Wall Android

Final Thoughts

In the end, Another Girl in The Wall APK is a very fun game with good things to look at, a story that pulls you in, and characters you can dress up how you like. It’s perfect for people who like thinking hard and solving puzzles.

If you enjoy playing games on your phone or computer and want something new, this might be just for you. It’s good for a lot of laughs and testing how smart you are with clues and puzzles.

You can get it for your Android phone or Windows computer without paying any money! And remember, it’s free from ads so nothing will stop you from having fun.

So go on, download Another Girl in The Wall APK for Anddroid. Find all its secrets and enjoy dressing up the girls, fixing up their style, and being part of their adventure.

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