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Age of History 3 APK + Mod (Alpha Version) for Android

Age of History 3 APK is a strategy game that lets you control civilizations, lead armies, and shape the world’s history from ancient times to the future.

Name Age of History 3
Publisher Łukasz Jakowski
Size 146 MB
Version 3.1.1
MOD Info Alpha Version
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  • Alpha Version
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Forge Empires Through the Sands of Time

Age of History 3 APK is a game all about strategy, where you guide a civilization through the sands of time. As you play, you must carefully decide how to manage diplomacy, warfare, and nation-building. The game is complex with a lot of detail, yet still easy enough for beginners to start playing. History buffs and strategy fans can lead any empire, big or small, and write their own version of history. Imagine guiding a small tribe to become a great empire or taking charge of a well-known civilization and steering it through critical historical moments.

Age of History 3 Mod APK

Explore the In-Game Editor

One standout feature of Age of History 3 Mod APK is its in-game editor. This tool gives players power to craft their own historical or fictional scenarios. You can build entirely new maps, design unique flags, and generate fresh civilizations. What’s exciting is that you get to shape not just the political climate but also the geographical one. Create mountains, carve rivers, and place cities where you wish. It’s like having a time machine and a god’s palette at your fingertips – control the rise and fall of nations according to your imagination.

Diplomatic Affairs

Age of History 3 Alpha APK offers a rich diplomatic system that goes beyond simple war declarations. Formulate peace treaties, backstab allies, and watch out for revolutions within civilizations. Your choices directly affect your relations with other nations – choose your friends wisely, and carefully consider your enemies. This complexity means players must think like true leaders, taking into account not just military might but also the nuances of politics and negotiation.

Age of History 3 free download

Epic Historical Campaign

Embark on historical grand campaigns spanning thousands of years – from the dawn of civilization to an imagined future for mankind. Age of History 3 free download isn’t just about conquering it’s about enduring across eras. Develop technology, build wonders of the world, and shape societal values to leave a mark on history. It invites players to walk in the shoes of famous leaders and unknown chieftains alike; every decision contributes to the saga of your civilization’s survival and legacy.

Winning Strategies for Age of History III

  1. Know Your History: Start with understanding the era you’re playing in. Familiarizing yourself with the historical context can help you make more informed decisions about alliances and conquests.
  2. Manage Resources Carefully: Keep an eye on your economy, military spending, and population growth. If you overspend on an army early on, you might not have enough money for critical infrastructure or to counter famine and revolts.
  3. Diplomacy is Key: Sometimes a well-placed alliance or peace treaty is more valuable than an expensive war. Use diplomacy to your advantage – it can save resources and generate beneficial partnerships.
  4. Adjust Your Strategy: Flexibility is vital. If your initial strategy isn’t working, don’t hesitate to change it. Learning from mistakes and adapting to the evolving world situation is crucial for survival.
  5. Use the Editors: Experiment with the game’s editors to understand the mechanics better and build scenarios that fit your style of play. Customizing these settings can give you a unique edge or create interesting challenges.

Age of History 3 APK

Pros and Cons


  • Flexibility in Gameplay: With extensive editors and customizable options, players have freedom to play as they like.
  • Educational Value: Engaging with different historical periods cultivates an interest in history while teaching strategic thinking.
  • Longevity: The wide scope covering many eras means endless replayability.
  • Multiplayer Option: Hotseat feature allows multiple players to join in, adding a social element to the game.


  • Learning Curve: Can be steep for beginners due to complex systems within the game.
  • Graphics: Graphical quality may not meet everyone’s expectations as it leans more towards function over form.
  • AI Behavior: Sometimes AI nations make puzzling decisions that don’t seem realistic.
  • Performance Issues: Large-scale games can sometimes cause slowdowns or crashes.

Other Games Like Age of History 3

  1. Civilization VI: This is a turn-based strategy game where players build an empire to stand the test of time. Expand your cities, advance your culture, and compete with history’s greatest leaders.
  2. Europa Universalis IV: Dive into geopolitical strategy where you manage a nation through diplomacy, trade, military warfare, and colonization. Shape your realm to change the outcome of history.
  3. Hearts of Iron IV: This is a war strategy game focused on World War II, giving players control of any nation during that period and challenging them to steer their country to victory.
  4. Crusader Kings III: A strategy role-playing game set in the Middle Ages where you control a dynasty through centuries, making decisions that affect the fate of generations.
  5. Total War Series: This series offers a combination of turn-based strategy and real-time tactics with various historical settings, commanding whole armies in massive battles as well as managing empires.

Age of History 3 Alpha APK


Age of History 3 APK offers a complex blend of history, strategy, and creativity. Whether you’re rewriting history to unite the world or aiming to conquer it through force, each game is a new adventure. The editors let you customize scenarios, adding personal touches to your empire’s story. Because of its flexibility and depth, it appeals to beginners and seasoned strategy gamers alike.

Every choice in Age of History 3 doesn’t just alter the game; it alters history itself. Will you be a peaceful ruler or a tyrant? Lead through diplomacy or raise an unstoppable army? With the ability to shape every aspect of your civilization’s journey, there are countless possibilities waiting for you.

So, if you’re ready to leave your mark on history, download Age of History 3 APK for Android today. Command your troops, negotiate treaties and build an empire that will stand the test of time. Your chronicle of glory awaits!

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