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Afterimage APK with OBB for Android (Latest Version)

Afterimage invites you to explore a hand-drawn world, engaging in dynamic combat while unraveling an intricate story as the amnesiac hero Renee.

Name Afterimage
Publisher TANG (HK) Network
Size 48 MB
Version 1.0.6
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Embark on a Hero’s Quest in a Hand-Drawn, Mysterious World

Afterimage is a game where you play as Renee, who lost her memory. She’s on an adventure to find out why her village was attacked. The game is set in a large world called Engardin. It’s 2D, meaning it has flat drawings instead of looking 3D. The game is full of talking to people, fighting enemies, and figuring out the story. As Renee, you’ll find weapons, learn new things that help you go to places you couldn’t before, and fight big bosses.

Afterimage Mod APK

Beautiful Art

One big thing about Afterimage Mod APK is the art. All the pictures in the game are hand-drawn. That means someone drew each part by hand instead of using a computer to make them. This makes everything look very detailed and nice. The movements of things and people in the game are smooth and interesting because each frame, or single picture in a movement, was drawn by an artist.

Exciting Battles

In Afterimage, the fights are fast and fun. You get lots of different weapons and special moves to beat enemies. These weapons have their own styles and animations that make fighting look cool. As you play, you get better at fighting and can beat bosses—big, strong enemies—with your skills.

Big World to Explore

The world of Engardin is huge and you’re free to go wherever you want in it. This type of world is called “non-linear,” which means you can pick your own path without following just one way through the game. You find places and secrets on your own.

Afterimage free download for Android

Deep Story

Afterimage has an important story. It involves what happened after a big explosion called “The Razing” happened and left the world broken. You try to find out why humans are being attacked as you play as Renee. Talking to different people in the game helps you uncover more of what’s going on.

Lots of Choices

As you get strong in Afterimage, you pick clothes, weapons, and learn new powers that change how you play. There are many types of gear like swords or shields to find and there’s a lot of equipment choices to help you get through tough parts of the game easier.

Upgrade and Customize

You’re not stuck with the same old gear in Afterimage APK with OBB. As Renee gets more powerful, she can change her gear with over 200 pieces of equipment including weapons, armor, and extras. This game doesn’t just throw a sword at you and say “good luck”; it lets you mix and match kit to suit your fighting style and the foes you face.

Afterimage APK

Useful Tips for Afterimage Players

  1. Explore Everywhere: Check all parts of the map. Hidden spots can have treasures or clues.
  2. Talk to Everyone: Chatting with characters might give you hints or items.
  3. Mix Up Fighting Styles: Each weapon works differently, so trying new ones can help in different fights.
  4. Keep an Eye on Gear: Update clothes and weapons; it’ll make battles easier.
  5. Save Often: The game doesn’t keep track for you all the time, so save your game when you can, especially before bosses.

Pros and Cons


  • Really pretty hand-drawn art.
  • Battles that keep you on your toes.
  • Lots of ways to play with gear and moves.
  • Big story to sink your teeth into.


  • Could get a bit lost without much guide.
  • Story telling might not grab everyone.

Afterimage APK with OBB

Wrapping Up

Afterimage is an inviting world that grabs you with its pretty drawings and lets you create your own journey with Renee. It packs a punch with smart fighting, lets you talk with many people, and gives you bits of story to put together along the way. With weapons galore and upgrades to earn, there’s lots to explore and try out. But don’t take my word for it; pick up Afterimage on Android today and start your own saga in the world of Engardin!

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